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Make sure you have an effective landing page

Make sure you have an effective landing page So before sending. Check whether it displays well not only in your e-mail program (browser). But also in other popular ones. Fortunately, professional e-mail marketing tools have the so-called test inbox. It is also worth remembering the so-called alts, i.e. signatures under graphics. Which are also displayed when the recipient of a given message does not download. The images (this problem most often concerns e-mails opened in Microsoft Outlook, which still does not download images automatically. As does Gmail or Wirtualna Polska). This way, you can be sure that at least some of the content you submit will be displayed.

Since this is a topic for a completely separate

Due to the growing popularity of mobile devices. More and more Indonesia Email List companies are considering introducing a responsive newsletter (RWD – responsive web design). We write about whether it makes sense and what is the alternative to this rather expensive solution in the article Responsive newsletters – the future, the present, or maybe… uselessness? 4. No access to statistics Up to 50% of recipients may not receive your messages at all, for various reasons. And you may not even know about it. Analyzing campaign statistics is an integral part of e-mail marketing activities. The problem with data processing and drawing conclusions will be solved by a professional e-mail marketing system, a properly configured analytical system (e.g. Google Analytics) and a specialist who is familiar with the issue of web analytics.

We only mention that the effectiveness

If you do not use them, do not collect data, do not BJB Directory analyze them, do not draw conclusions – you are acting blindly and cannot effectively optimize your activities. We write more about e-mail marketing systems (which offer not only valuable reports on sent campaigns) in the article: How to choose an e-mail marketing system? 15 things you should pay attention to 5. Low open rate It’s impossible to determine a reliable average open rate that you can refer to when tracking your newsletter’s performance. This is because it depends on many factors, such as: source of the address database (do you collect e-mail addresses on your website, or maybe you bought a ready-made database?), frequency of shipments, the nature of the offer (do you sell fast-moving products, luxury goods with a long life cycle.

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Post a link to preview in your browser

Post a link to preview in your browser You can also consider similar activities in the context of Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. We write more about building an address database in this article: How to build an address database? 5 places you should collect email addresses. 2. Lots of extracts from the database If recipients frequently unsubscribe from the newsletter, the reasons are most likely due to uninteresting or inappropriate content. Inappropriate content is defined as content whose form does not match the age, gender, preferences, education or interests of the recipients. However, it should be borne in mind that a different style is used when writing to 20-year-olds studying and writing to 50-year-olds employed in managerial positions.

Include a link to the newsletter unsubscription

Sending one message to everyone has long India Email List become passe. Gain the loyalty of your recipients by matching the quality and frequency of messages to their preferences. Ask them (at least in one of the mailings) what type of content they want to receive. Give them something more than the competition. Carry out at least a simplified segmentation of your database (e.g. based on interests). Consider introducing a preference center. You can read more about this in our article Opt-out, opt-down… or how to wisely handle newsletter unsubscription . Also think about whether you are actually sending important information, because it is possible that you have simply disappointed your subscribers.

Maintain consistency between the newsletter

Consistently deliver value that is sought and accepted. Find reasons why email recipients will not want to part with you. Avoid BJB Directory generalities, stereotypes and formulaic texts. Try to ensure that your emails reflect the “personality” of the company. If you have a problem with this, hire specialists who will work on creating the desired brand image. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for them . Illegible graphics Remember that the appearance of the message is extremely important, so make sure that it looks good on various devices: personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones (the number of messages opened on mobile devices increases every year). Creating a well-formatted, correctly displayed mailing is not as easy a task as it may seem. The problem is that different email clients may render the same message differently.

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Always test before actual shipping

Always test before actual shipping Every marketer is aware of the possibilities offered by mailing. As a result, Internet users’ e-mail boxes are bursting at the seams. And running good campaigns is becoming more and more difficult. See what problems we most often encounter in e-mail marketing and how to solve them. Email marketing – what can go wrong? 1. Subscriber base growing too slowly. The first element of an effective mailing campaign is a database of e-mail addresses of people. Who are actually interested in receiving what you have to give or sell. There are many ways to grow your contact list. If you feel that something is wrong, recipients are reluctant to provide their e-mails, pay attention to several aspects: Make writing as easy as possible. Make sure your newsletter subscription form is visible, easy to find and quick to complete.

Make sure that the newsletter displays correctly

Don’t force yourself to provide too much data – it discourages potential subscribers. If you want to guarantee the best results, place a subscription form on every Iceland Email List page on your site (e.g. in a side column, between an offer or in the footer) and consider implementing a pop-up solution (but make sure it’s not too intrusive). Additionally, collect contacts outside the website and offline (e.g. during conferences, fairs). Remember to encourage people to sign up. A very popular strategy is to offer a discount (common practice in online stores) or a free gift in exchange for signing up to a newsletter (companies operating in the B2B sector often offer e.g. free guides or reports.

This tip becomes more and more important

This is a very effective action (sometimes it is possible to increase BJB Directory the conversion even by several dozen percent), but if you do not want your subscribers to stop being interested in what you send immediately after receiving the gift, make sure that the mailings are like the greatest value. We write more about how to enrich your newsletter without incurring large (or any) costs in the article 8 simple and cost-free ways to enrich your newsletter . Use the potential of social media to develop your email list. You can start a Facebook campaign that requires users to leave their email address.

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Avoid elements that may cause the message

Avoid elements that may cause the message Your car will look better than ever The holidays are getting closer. We will find your dream offer Build your newsletter database 10 times faster. Check out how… Reduce expenses in your company by up to 10% thanks to this solution 5. Promising problem solver Type of topics similar to the previous one. The difference is that there we promised that we would meet some need, and now we approach the matter from the other side – we promise that we will solve some real problem (everyone has them…). It’s good to think about it in advance Examples: Don’t know how to dress for New Year’s Eve? Check out our inspirations.

These are short texts that will appear under

A simple method to get rid of the smell of tobacco Hong Kong Email List from your car Do you want to get rid of belly fat? All you have to do is… Don’t have time for anything? This app will change that You don’t have to think about email marketing anymore… 6. Referring to the past To apply this type of topic, you need to have some knowledge about your audience. For example – when was the last time they bought something from you or what it was. They are most often used in mailings aimed at encouraging repeat purchases or in transactional communications, such as the so-called abandoned cart messages. Examples: You haven’t been here since September. Why don’t you take a look? Oops.

Plan your typography display

I think you left something with us… You recently bought a computer BJB Directory from us. Don’t you need something for it? We missed you. Four months is a long time! Something you wanted to buy is now cheaper 7. Personal It is not worth exaggerating with too personal communication (on the Internet, however, we prefer to feel more intimate), but once in a while you can “hook” your customers in this way. If we show creativity and tact, we can count on a high open rate. The use of a name in the subject always adds a personal touch to the subject of the message.The 7 most common problems in email marketing E-mail marketing is still a living and effective tool for building an audience and acquiring customers.

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Perhaps someone who sees the content of

Perhaps someone who sees the content of Arousing curiosity The simplest thing you can do to get someone to open your message is to arouse their curiosity. The idea is to write the topic in such a way that it even bothers the recipient (“no, I have to click and see what it’s about!”). Examples: Is this the prettiest car this year? Have you seen the prettiest dress this season? Will this solution change the future of the Internet? We have something for you… Better don’t open this message if… 2. Time pressured We learned a long time ago that the period close to the end of a promotion usually brings much more revenue than the period after it starts.

The newsletter will want to learn

When you start something, the client thinks: “oh, cool, maybe I’ll find something for myself in my free time.” And when you say that the end is near, you rather say: “Okay, it’s time to Honduras Email List choose something!” That’s why it’s worth putting some time pressure on yourself from time to time. Examples: -20% on our entire offer only until tomorrow! {name}, this is the last day of our promotion 2 books + 1 free only this weekend! Only today, only until 23:59… 50% discount on T-shirts! Your points will expire at midnight tonight… 3. With a sense of humor This is probably the most difficult type of topic to come up with, but if you succeed, you will not only generate a large number of newsletter opens.

 Prepare something special for subscribers

But also make your recipients think fondly of you (anyone who can BJB Directory make others laugh is liked). Examples: Sorry, we don’t have any promotion for you We like to be used! Forget about targets and confcols for a moment. Open this email ASAP If you won the lottery, you would buy it all It’s been a long time since we sent such an interesting newsletter 4. Promising to meet needs Every company focuses on meeting the needs of consumers or companies – and yours certainly does too. Sometimes remind them of this by promising to satisfy one of them in the subject of the newsletter (and later also in its content). Examples: You will look amazing in these dresses.

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Personalize the subject and content

Personalize the subject and content Preferably in a place.  (opening or clicking on one of the links); autoresponders sent after user activity on the website. Autoresponders sent after the user achieves a specific goal collecting. Appropriate scoring in an e-mail marketing. Automation tool or ordering a product from a designated category). Follow-up messages can also be distinguish according to the current goal. We want to achieve in the relationship with the customer. At the beginning, it may be about building trust or interest in the offer by sending a welcome cycle. However, later you may want to increase loyalty. Remind yourself (of customers who have not bought anything from you for a long time. Generate sales or use various up- and cross-selling tactics.

Tell the recipient directly what you expect

It wouldn’t hurt to set up autoresponders. Such as a message Venezuela Email List with birthday wishes or a thank you message. The anniversary of your first purchase or joining the newsletter. The effectiveness of the autoresponders you prepare will mainly be determined by statistics (opens, clicks, purchases, inquiries, etc.). However, you can try to get direct feedback from your customers by asking for their opinion. Sending a survey (you can offer a small discount on purchases for completing it). By introducing e-mail marketing automation (what we are writing about can hardly be called the recently fashionable term “marketing automation”) in your company.

The newsletter must tell in a clear and transparent

You will save time and money, but most importantly – you will establish BJB Directory even better relationships with your customers and probably increase your revenues.will ensure a high open rate We don’t want to tempt you with the promise of ready-made newsletter topics that will make your customers open your messages like crazy. Each company sells something different and each communicates with its recipients in a different way, so each topic should be developed by an experienced person (preferably a copywriter). But… …we can show you some patterns that we have been testing for years and that we know work almost always and almost everywhere. We present seven types of newsletter topics that usually generate very high open rates (you can use them separately or try to combine them to create original combinations.

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Consider a catchy subject line and a sender field

Consider a catchy subject line and a sender field. And thus respond to customer needs not only when you have the opportunity. But above all when they themselves request information. Example. A customer of an online electronics store visits a subpage with the latest smartphones. Within an hour of this visit, for example, they may receive an e-mail with a link to the article. How to choose a smartphone for yourself?” Yet another. An online bookstore customer bought Stephen King’s latest book, showing he is interest in horror movies. From now on, you can receive a series of messages dedicated to the best works of this genre. Further examples could be multiplied endlessly.

Also think about the preheader

We hope you understood the idea. Perhaps you have already come up with some ideas for autoresponders/follow-ups to implement in your Ghana Email List business. Is “automatic” a necessity? While maintaining contact with customers “manually” can be imagined in the case of small companies reaching about 50-70 people, personal communication with a group of several or several thousand people could be quite a challenge. It would probably involve the need to employ additional employees and, consequently, with significant additional expenses. Meanwhile, once – as long as you set it wisely – autoresponders will work for you practically for free, all the time.

Place the most important information

Email marketing and marketing automation tools offer BJB Directory more and more. When it comes to autoresponders and follow-ups. It can be said that the only limitation in this case is almost always our creativity and the goal we want to achieve (not every type of autoresponder will be suitable for every task). Companies that use this tool effectively adapt the content of follow-up messages to the recipients’ expectations much more accurately. Autoresponders and follow-ups boast above-average open rates and CTRs. This is because they are a direct response to the needs of recipients. If you carefully consider automation scenarios, the risk that the message will be completely missed by the recipient will be much lower than in the case of, for example, standard newsletters with an offer. Types of autoresponders and follow-ups There are several types of autoresponders. First of all, they will be: autoresponders sent after a specified number of days after subscribing to the newsletter.

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The same solutions do not always work

The same solutions do not always work Most of the companies we work for entrust us. With the implementation of e-mail marketing strategies from A to Z. However, this is not the only model in which we operate. It happens that a client commissions us with only part of the work. For example, he knows that he has a great graphic designer on board. And he doesn’t need to order newsletter creation from us (quite logical). Or he has a team of programmers who can code mailings. So he entrusts us with everything except preparing the HTML code (this is also logical). Autoresponders and follow-up messages in email marketing. Autoresponders are, simply put, messages sent automatically by an e-mail marketing tool. A precisely defined group of recipients, in precisely defined circumstances.

Guidelines that are worth following

After you have develop their content Germany Email List and form. All you need to do is determine the stimulus (e.g. the user performs a specific action. The passage of a designated number of days) under which they will be sent to selected recipients. By using follow-ups, you can conduct effective e-mail marketing activities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the slightest effort (apart from the commitment necessary at the start). You only need to prepare a message once and select the circumstances in which it is to be sent to be able to constantly build relationships with subscribers. Depending on the chosen marketing strategy, an autoresponder may be a one-off activity, isolated from the rest of the communication, or an element of an entire cycle lasting several days, weeks or months.

We could write and talk about designing

Why is it worth using autoresponders? To send BJB Directory autoresponders, you need a properly prepared e-mail marketing tool. In most of these systems that offer marketing automation functionality (including autoresponders and follow-ups), you will be able to set communication cycles that will be sent both to your current customers and to potential ones who are just interested in your offer. Either way, you will save a lot of time necessary to establish and maintain relationships with both groups. By writing and scheduling your messages in advance, you can reach your customers at any time of the day or night with little effort on your part.

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Designing and coding messages in

Designing and coding messages in If you run a car showroom. Divide your customers (including potential ones) according to what car (or cars) they are interest in. And so on and so forth. The more accurate your segmentation and content selection. The more effective your email marketing strategy will be. 3. Think about what you actually want to do There is no one right answer to the question. What should an e-mail marketing strategy look like. We cannot determine in advance how often you should send mailings. (in some industries the optimum is one-two campaigns per month, in others 12-13 campaigns are acceptable). What exactly they should look like (we would need to know the offer, product better) or on. Which days of the week or what time you should send them.

We wrote about it in more detail

First, think about it yourself and listen to your France Email List intuition (you know your business and your client best), and then plan a series of experiments. Observe the effects, draw conclusions and make changes. Before you start implementing an email marketing strategy, answer the question to what extent you are interested in implementing marketing automation. I mean, among others: birthday messages, for the most and least loyal customers, for abandoned carts or abandoned browsing. There are plenty of options – choose those that you think will bring the most benefits and which you can afford to implement (in terms of both finances and time.

With sufficiently large slogans

Create a plan for your newsletters There is nothing BJB Directory worse than acting blindly, ad hoc – not only in e-mail marketing, but in marketing in general. Before you start implementing your e-mail marketing strategy, prepare a file with a sending schedule, including the promotions you plan, important events, holidays or seasonal changes (if they are important in your business). All you need is a simple file in Google Docs so that all your work is well thought out and you don’t forget anything. Share it with all people who will be involved in the process of creating and sending newsletters. 5. Think about it – what do you want to do in-house and what would you prefer to outsource.

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This especially applies to all newsletters

This especially applies to all newsletters Those who know her can have no doubts. 20. Take care of an effective landing page. Since this is a topic for a completely separate article, we only mention that the effectiveness of the newsletter is determined not only by the newsletter itself, but also by the landing page to which you direct traffic from it. The method of providing information about the product/service, photos, price and so on and so forth… Email marketing strategy – what is worth considering before you start? Have you decided to implement an e-mail marketing strategy in your company? Great! Check what you should remember and why it is worth entrusting at least part of its implementation to specialists.

A good picture sells even better

Although some people predict the end of e-mail Finland Email List marketing (such voices have been heard for years, and this channel is still working well!), most companies send newsletters, and we can add that those that know how to do it well benefit from a number of benefits from this. They sell, loyalize, inform – effectively and almost cost-free… So it’s time for you to implement an effective e-mail marketing strategy! Below are some tips that will be useful to you at the planning stage: 1. Set a realistic and measurable goal Think about what you want to achieve with your email marketing strategy. Perhaps it will be an increase in sales? If so, specify what it should be – amount or percentage.

Expensive sessions to have good photo material

Or are you going to focus on informing? In this case, focus on BJB Directory optimizing your open and click-through (page-to-page) rates. Or maybe you want to focus on building your base at the beginning? Consider how many people should subscribe to your newsletter each month. Whatever the goal, it should be achievable and measurable (either in an email marketing tool or an analytical system like Google Analytics). 2. Consider segmenting your address database It doesn’t matter whether you already have a customer base with whom you can communicate, or you are just building it (remember to obtain the necessary consents!) – in both cases, you should consider dividing it into segments. If you sell shoes/clothes, the best (and even necessary) division will probably be by gender.

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Gives you a lot of scope for creativity

Gives you a lot of scope for creativity If you do not have access to this function, you can create mailboxes in several popular email services (such as WP, Onet or Gmail) and check the correct display manually. 12. Avoid elements that may cause the message to be treated as spam. There is a lot of it, so it is worth using the so-called function. spam tests (you’ll find them in some popular email marketing tools). 13. Remember alts. These are short texts that will appear under images that the recipient will not display after opening the message. All you need to do is include at least a short: “Download the images to see what we have for you!” 14. Plan your typography display. If you only use standard fonts, such as Arial or Tahoma, you can rest easy.

Make sure that all call to action

However, if you want to use non-standard (so-called webfonts), keep in mind that not every email program will display them correctly. Be prepared for Vietnam Email List this eventuality (your coder will know what to do). Pod Pierzyną – fragment of the newsletter 15. Always test before actual shipping. Never trust anyone (not even yourself) that everything works as it should (that URLs lead to where they should; that graphics display correctly, etc.). Check it out for yourself. 16. Make sure the newsletter displays correctly on mobile devices. Primarily on smartphones, on which we open e-mails (including newsletters) more and more often every year.

Contrast with the background and contain

This tip becomes more and more important BJB Directory over time! 17. Post a link to preview in your browser. If for any reason your message does not display correctly, allow the recipient to view it properly in their browser. All you need is a short link at the top of the message. 18. Include a link to the newsletter unsubscription. Don’t force anyone to receive your newsletters – this may backfire. Moreover, by hiding the possibility of withdrawal, you are acting against the regulations. (We write about how to solve the issue of unsubscribing from the newsletter in the article “”.) 19. Maintain consistency between the newsletter and the website. Make your message look like it was sent by your company at first glance.

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Good practices in email marketing

Good practices in email marketing Tell the recipient directly what you expect from him. The newsletter must tell in a clear and transparent way what the next step is (sending inquiry, booking, purchase?). Your client cannot guess or guess anything (because he probably won’t do it). 5. Remember about CTA elements. First of all, buttons should: a) stand out from other elements, b) contain slogans that encourage action. They are largely responsible for how high the CTR of a given newsletter will be. 6. Personalize the subject and content of the newsletter. You don’t have to invest in an expensive recommendation engine. It is enough if you use the recipient’s name or mention the product he recently purchased.

Examples of how to design newsletters

It’s even better if you segment your Estonia Email List customers – e.g. into women and men – and send slightly different, tailored content to individual groups. 7. Showcase what you sell. You don’t have to describe each product in detail (there is probably no room for this in the newsletter), but choose an eye-catching photo that will attract attention (or several, e.g. in the form of a spectacular mosaic). 8. Include numbers in your newsletter. Yes, seriously, big – and attractive! – the numbers work. I mean not only crossed-out and discounted prices, but also, for example, numbers confirming the effectiveness of a given product/service (“50,000 people have already trusted our new vacuum cleaner.

Designing newsletters - contrary to appearances

Fitness Platinium – fragment of the newsletter 9. Insert your contact BJB Directory information in a visible place. Perhaps someone who sees the content of the newsletter will want to learn more about what you offer. It’s good if it finds a phone number in the header and/or footer. 10. Prepare something special for subscribers. If you include promotions in your newsletter – great, they “increase” sales. However, it will be even better if once in a while you send something really exclusive to people who subscribe to your newsletter (how about an individual discount code for subsequent purchases, valid only until the end of the next day?). 11. Check correct display in various programs/browsers. The so-called you can perform inbox tests in most good e-mail marketing tools.