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Always test before actual shipping

Always test before actual shipping Every marketer is aware of the possibilities offered by mailing. As a result, Internet users’ e-mail boxes are bursting at the seams. And running good campaigns is becoming more and more difficult. See what problems we most often encounter in e-mail marketing and how to solve them. Email marketing – what can go wrong? 1. Subscriber base growing too slowly. The first element of an effective mailing campaign is a database of e-mail addresses of people. Who are actually interested in receiving what you have to give or sell. There are many ways to grow your contact list. If you feel that something is wrong, recipients are reluctant to provide their e-mails, pay attention to several aspects: Make writing as easy as possible. Make sure your newsletter subscription form is visible, easy to find and quick to complete.

Make sure that the newsletter displays correctly

Don’t force yourself to provide too much data – it discourages potential subscribers. If you want to guarantee the best results, place a subscription form on every Iceland Email List page on your site (e.g. in a side column, between an offer or in the footer) and consider implementing a pop-up solution (but make sure it’s not too intrusive). Additionally, collect contacts outside the website and offline (e.g. during conferences, fairs). Remember to encourage people to sign up. A very popular strategy is to offer a discount (common practice in online stores) or a free gift in exchange for signing up to a newsletter (companies operating in the B2B sector often offer e.g. free guides or reports.

This tip becomes more and more important

This is a very effective action (sometimes it is possible to increase BJB Directory the conversion even by several dozen percent), but if you do not want your subscribers to stop being interested in what you send immediately after receiving the gift, make sure that the mailings are like the greatest value. We write more about how to enrich your newsletter without incurring large (or any) costs in the article 8 simple and cost-free ways to enrich your newsletter . Use the potential of social media to develop your email list. You can start a Facebook campaign that requires users to leave their email address.

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