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Good practices in email marketing

Good practices in email marketing Tell the recipient directly what you expect from him. The newsletter must tell in a clear and transparent way what the next step is (sending inquiry, booking, purchase?). Your client cannot guess or guess anything (because he probably won’t do it). 5. Remember about CTA elements. First of all, buttons should: a) stand out from other elements, b) contain slogans that encourage action. They are largely responsible for how high the CTR of a given newsletter will be. 6. Personalize the subject and content of the newsletter. You don’t have to invest in an expensive recommendation engine. It is enough if you use the recipient’s name or mention the product he recently purchased.

Examples of how to design newsletters

It’s even better if you segment your Estonia Email List customers – e.g. into women and men – and send slightly different, tailored content to individual groups. 7. Showcase what you sell. You don’t have to describe each product in detail (there is probably no room for this in the newsletter), but choose an eye-catching photo that will attract attention (or several, e.g. in the form of a spectacular mosaic). 8. Include numbers in your newsletter. Yes, seriously, big – and attractive! – the numbers work. I mean not only crossed-out and discounted prices, but also, for example, numbers confirming the effectiveness of a given product/service (“50,000 people have already trusted our new vacuum cleaner.

Designing newsletters - contrary to appearances

Fitness Platinium – fragment of the newsletter 9. Insert your contact BJB Directory information in a visible place. Perhaps someone who sees the content of the newsletter will want to learn more about what you offer. It’s good if it finds a phone number in the header and/or footer. 10. Prepare something special for subscribers. If you include promotions in your newsletter – great, they “increase” sales. However, it will be even better if once in a while you send something really exclusive to people who subscribe to your newsletter (how about an individual discount code for subsequent purchases, valid only until the end of the next day?). 11. Check correct display in various programs/browsers. The so-called you can perform inbox tests in most good e-mail marketing tools. 

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