Perhaps someone who sees the content of

Perhaps someone who sees the content of Arousing curiosity The simplest thing you can do to get someone to open your message is to arouse their curiosity. The idea is to write the topic in such a way that it even bothers the recipient (“no, I have to click and see what it’s about!”). Examples: Is this the prettiest car this year? Have you seen the prettiest dress this season? Will this solution change the future of the Internet? We have something for you… Better don’t open this message if… 2. Time pressured We learned a long time ago that the period close to the end of a promotion usually brings much more revenue than the period after it starts.

The newsletter will want to learn

When you start something, the client thinks: “oh, cool, maybe I’ll find something for myself in my free time.” And when you say that the end is near, you rather say: “Okay, it’s time to Honduras Email List choose something!” That’s why it’s worth putting some time pressure on yourself from time to time. Examples: -20% on our entire offer only until tomorrow! {name}, this is the last day of our promotion 2 books + 1 free only this weekend! Only today, only until 23:59… 50% discount on T-shirts! Your points will expire at midnight tonight… 3. With a sense of humor This is probably the most difficult type of topic to come up with, but if you succeed, you will not only generate a large number of newsletter opens.

 Prepare something special for subscribers

But also make your recipients think fondly of you (anyone who can BJB Directory make others laugh is liked). Examples: Sorry, we don’t have any promotion for you We like to be used! Forget about targets and confcols for a moment. Open this email ASAP If you won the lottery, you would buy it all It’s been a long time since we sent such an interesting newsletter 4. Promising to meet needs Every company focuses on meeting the needs of consumers or companies – and yours certainly does too. Sometimes remind them of this by promising to satisfy one of them in the subject of the newsletter (and later also in its content). Examples: You will look amazing in these dresses.

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