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A well-prepare campaign makes. The recipient treat the message not as an. Advertisement, but as a personal opinion or recommendation. Of the supporting user. Thanks to crowdspeaking, the promote content is more likely to be read by users, and the links they contain are more likely to be clicke. In this way, it is easier to generate more traffic on the website. Get more leads or increase the level of sales.What you should know about. Advertising on Instagram Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaDecember 28, 2015 ・ 3 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn The Facebook concern introduce a mechanism for self-management of advertising. Campaigns on Instagram and from September 30, 2015, sponsore materials are available there worldwide.

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The introduction of advertising tools to. This tool on such channel. Brands, both local and the world’s largest, can delight people with and services, but it is worth paying. Attention to a few important issues. Rules for creating ads on Instagram They phone number list must not violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines , and additionally: the text on the graphic may occupy a maximum of 20% of its surface, images cannot be about politics, sexuality, aggressive or drastic, it is forbidden to advertise tobacco products, weapons, pornography, presenting the before/after effect in relation to the body.

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There is a large group of products whose advertising is allowe, but subject to certain restrictions, : alcohol, dietary supplements, online BJB Directory pharmacies, gambling. The list of restrictions is, of course, much longer, if you are intereste, I encourage you to read the full rules , which are identical to those for Facebook ads. How to create your ad? To create ads to run on Instagram, you must have a Facebook ad account.

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