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Additional components of remuneration are divide into fixe, functional allowance, and movable, for overtime worke. A component of the salary may also be benefits earne from the profit or achievements of a given employee, which are settle for a fixe period. All practices applie should be base on the remuneration system develope in the company. We recommend Employer branding activities in 2022 Non-material instruments of motivation Material tools of motivation are not the only weapon that companies have at their disposal. Another sphere that managers can reach are intangible tools.

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They refer to the nees of employees, such as the nee for respect and recognition, good relations with others, creativity and development. These factors are base on the individual goals of employees and their ambitions. The main motivation tools Latest Mailing Database in this area are: creating a friendly organizational culture, promotion, management style, praise, distinctions, recognition, participation, professional training and development, performance and job evaluation, career planning, internal communication, working conditions and relations , content work and employee opinion surveys.

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A good working atmosphere, cooperation base on standards and values ​​that are also close to the employee, strengthen their commitment and job satisfaction. Building positive emotions and good contact with superiors and co-workers can BJB Directory significantly affect the diligence and effectiveness of employees. The communication system is also important for supporting the motivating function in the organization. Employees want internal communication to be easy and transparent. A conflict situation arises when the employee does not receive all the necessary information or is not provide directly to him. Motivation or manipulation? In the case of motivation, the difference between “motivation” and “manipulation” should be emphasize.

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