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Common Questions about E Commerce Websites

An e-commerce website is an onlinesales stallthat is very beneficial for business. By providingwebsite, a business can present good credibility and become an alternative for buyers from abroad. Is that all? Of course not! An e- commerce website can also be a back up for your business. More precisely, this website can be a backup stall if at any time the marketplace you are using as an online stall goes bankrupt! I don’t mean to scare you, but the fact is that many marketplaces complete information about this fact and what an e-commerce site is , then you should not miss the following questions and answers! This work contains products that have been used successfully by several customers. To be clearer, the marketplace only plays the role of an intermediary or third party platform that connects businesses with consumers or customers.

What is an e-commerce website

To know what an website is , you first need to understand the meaning, function and examples. This way, miscommunication and misunderstandings can be prevent B2C Email List when trying to digest this discussion!First, let’s understand the meaning separately! So, a ‘ website ‘ is a collection of website pages available in a domain or subdomain in the network on the internet. Meanwhile, ‘ electronic commerce ‘ or ‘ e commerce ‘ is all trading activities or transactions carried out via the internet. It can be said that buying and selling activities via e-commerce occur via digital technology. There are quite a few lay people who misunderstand e-commerce . They think that e-commerce is a marketplace . In fact these What makes the two different.

E-Commerce website functions

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E-commerce sites offer a number of main functions for business people or MSMEs. These include being a place for buying and selling. Accepting payments, processing orders, managing BJB Directory shipping and logistics, and providing customer care . Example of an E-Commerce Website There are several examples of from MSMEs that are successful and whose products are well-known! What are they? To find out, you can look at the Liunic on Things (LoT) Addressed as , this is an independent art brand and design studio that produces wearable art products . Examples range from clothes, hats, bags, to cute stickers. Liunic on Thing was found by Martcellia Liunic and her team in Jakarta. This e-commerce web label is very distinctive in describing its profile. Customers can find various products with a $USD price tag .