To achieve optimal message deliverability

To achieve optimal message deliverability You can also offer special discounts to people who have recommended the store to their friends or family. This is an even simpler – and not necessarily less effective – way to increase sales than a loyalty program. Remarketing advertising Thanks to remarketing advertising, we can reach people who visited our website but did not make a purchase. Using data about their behavior on the website, you can prepare personalized ads that will remind them of the products they have previously viewed and encourage them to return. Remarketing advertising is effective because it allows you to reach people who have shown previous interest in our products. Results analysis and summary When the Black Friday fever subsides, it’s time to reflect and analyze the results.

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By looking at the statistics, you should spot any Canada Email List mistakes, which in turn will allow you to better prepare for the next editions of the October “e-commerce holiday”, as well as for subsequent campaigns – for example, Back to School . Tracking sales statistics It’s obvious – the most important indicator of success in e-commerce is sales. By comparing the results with previous years and analyzing which products were most popular, you will obtain valuable tips for the future. Also check where your customers came to the website from and which traffic source was the most valuable. This way you will learn which form of advertising to invest in in the future and which ones you can safely abandon.

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Analysis of return on investment in marketing activities BJB Directory Every advertising campaign is an investment. By comparing your expenses on marketing activities with the revenues generated from them, you can assess which of them were the most profitable. ROI (return on investment) analysis will allow you to understand which activities have brought the greatest benefits – these are the ones worth focusing on in the future. Collecting customer feedback and making corrections for the future Customer opinions are a source of invaluable knowledge. From their feedback, you will learn what you liked most about your offer or order handling and what needs improvement. Surveys, social media comments and direct messages allow you to develop and implement necessary (or simply useful) changes and raise standards in various areas. 

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