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Technology used to combat phishing Black Friday – checklist dla e-commerce Get to know your target group: Analyze customer needs and behavior. Address market segmentation. Personalize your offer. Website preparation: Optimize your website for speed and performance. Place promotions on your home page. Simplify your purchasing process. Advertising on social media: Create engaging posts and ads. Use influencers for promotion. Organize giveaway competitions. Creating promotional packages: Bundle products into attractive packages at special prices. Offer discounts to regular customers. Add gifts for first time buyers. Incentives to return: Introduce a loyalty program. Hand out discount coupons for your next purchases. Invest in remarketing advertising.

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Results analysis and summary: Track your UAE Email List sales statistics. Analyze your return on investment. Collect customer feedback and make improvements for the future. Black Friday – trends from recent years Before we finish, some more inspiration for your Black Friday marketing strategy: More and more companies decide to extend promotions not only for one day, but for a whole week or even a whole month. This allows them to attract more customers and increase sales in the long run. Since we’re talking about Black Friday, we can’t forget about the one immediately following Cyber ​​Monday (called the “post-Black Friday overtime”). Many companies offer special promotions only for customers who subscribe to the newsletter or create an account on the website.

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This is an effective way to build customer loyalty BJB Directory and obtain contact details that can be used in future marketing campaigns (including newsletters). In recent years, the popularity of personalized marketing on Black Friday has also been growing. Companies try to tailor offers to customers’ individual preferences, using data from their previous purchases or online behavior. Personalization is increasingly expected by customers and can bring significant results in increasing sales on Black Friday. In recent years, the growing importance of mobility has also been observed. More and more people use mobile devices to browse offers and make online purchases. Companies increasingly care about the responsiveness of websites and the optimization of the purchasing process on smartphones and tablets.

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