Today, I want to talk about an SEO term that perhaps many of you are not clear about, which is about “Canonical” – This is not a new word, but it is a bit confusing and it will all be explained to me. better explain itself and explain around it. If you want to get more traffic from Google searches, all optimization factors need to be well standardized.

What is Canonical link?

Search engines like Google work by ” crawling ” through huge lists of web pages, analyzing the content on the page, and sorting the results th Phone Number Data rough their cross-referenced databases. Variables like site URL and last modified date give fast runtime when any query is entered into the tool. A canonical link is a special designation embedded in a website’s code to indicate that a certain page will be considered the source of information when a search engine displays results to users.

Why should you care about Canonical links?

This type of link, introduced jointly by Microsoft, Google and Yahoo in 2009, was introduced to help clean up link struc BJB Directory tures with duplicate content for search purposes. Simply put, HTML tags tell search engines which pages they should pay attention to within a group of roughly similar content. The example I took below will give you a very useful insight into this =link tag How the canonical link tag works LinkĀ  blogger platforms when viewed on mobile devices. If you don’t do so, your website is vulnerable to losing traffic, SEO efforts , and search engine penalties that may be imposed on your website. This is just a small example of why a webmaster might want to have multiple URLs forwarding to the same content.