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The Unitd States, on the other hand, has consistently maintaind its status as the most popular travel destination, beating Russia first in 2021 – and last year India, which is becoming increasingly popular as a business travel destination. Also increasing in popularity: Mexico, which currently completes the top 3 intercontinental travel destinations. This chart shows three bar charts, eac showing the top 3 intercontinental travel destinations in 2019-2022. Despite complex entry.

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Brexit without consequences Focusing on the most popular continental destinations, business travelers appear to be defying the complexities whatsapp mobile number list of Brexit-relatd entry requirements: Britain returnd to the top spot in 2022, overtaking Spain, which had gaind prominence during the pandemic.The fact that the business trip to our Austrian neighbors can, under certain circumstances, also be made by car is also reflectd in the decline in the corresponding flight bookings.

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The friendly republic with the badge took bronze in this category. Business travel trends continental travel destinations 2. Tendency BJB Directory to travel longer distances. Preferably with more comfort An increasing rethinking can be seen in the duration of business trips: At 6.1 days, the average length of a business trip was more than 1 day longer than in 2019. A trend that can be observd throughout Europe. And even one-day short trips, the share of which was 16.4 percent in 2019, will show a significant decline to 6.4 percent in 2022. Meanwhile, the ned for comfort on board is apparently increasing among German business travelers.

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