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Why is Data & System Backup Necessary

Before the day comes when your data assets or computing systems are lost, it’s a good idea to back up your data as soon as possible! What is Backup? How important is backup to business continuity? Come on, let’s see!

Backups or commonly referred to as Backups are very important in the process of managing your system and data. Especially in the current era which is vulnerable to hacking and data leakage. Don’t let your data security be compromised and cause extraordinary consequences for your business.

For those of you who often worry about data security, you can rest easy because Dcloud provides industry-standard data protection that is suitable for various types of businesses.

Your data will always be safe in different data center storage locations

Backup in DCloud also:

Has been integrated with the customer portal
More detailed Recovery or Restore
Keep in mind Encryption and data compression
Let’s immediately get to know DCloud better so that Latest Mailing Database your data and computing system can be recovered in detail and while paying attention to encryption and data compression! Visit the DBackup service by clicking on the link.

In contrast to networks in general, Advanced Networking or what is commonly called Advanced Networking is high computing that is more complex and has the ability to transport large amounts of data quickly around the world.

By using the Advanced Network, you no longer need to use many virtual servers so that their use is more practical.

DNet as an Advanced Network service from DCloud itself is here to provide services for advanced network needs to facilitate the running of your business and computing work.

Here are some benefits of using Advanced Network services in DCloud

Latest Mailing Database

Connecting all Data Centers
The advanced network available in DCloud can connect BJB Directory all data centers, so that all data can be connected and make your activities easier.

This advanced network can also make your data more secure.

With an easy operating system, you can more easily and freely manage it.

Interesting right? Come on, immediately configure your network using DCloud Advanced Networking. Make sure your business and work are managed easily and practically.

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