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New scam method emerges in Malaysia via WhatsApp messages asking to buy gift cards

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Malaysia via WhatsApp messages (Kuala Lumpur News on the 1st) New fraud method! The criminals pretended to be employers and instructed employees to purchase Google Play gift cards and then asked for stored-value codes to obtain the money. The police received two reports in this regard, with the loss amounting to more than RM30,000.


Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Datuk Mohd Kamarudin revealed that the suspect would change the Whatsapp avatar to be the same as the target person, and then instruct the latter’s subordinates to purchase gift cards through messages.

“In two reports, the victims were alerted to the scam when they noticed that their employers’ phone numbers were different, but before that happened, they had already incurred losses of RM30,025.”

With the occurrence of the two cases, Mohd Kamaruddin called on the public to be cautious in verifying messages sent from Malaysia via WhatsApp messages and to be wary of unknown calls.

“When financial factors are involved, the public should be more cautious in determining the identity of the other party. If the public has any questions, they can contact the Police Commercial Crime Investigation Department hotline at 03-26101559/1599.”

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Exciting For Us Can An Which Actually

The Unitd States, on the other hand, has consistently maintaind its status as the most popular travel destination, beating Russia first in 2021 – and last year India, which is becoming increasingly popular as a business travel destination. Also increasing in popularity: Mexico, which currently completes the top 3 intercontinental travel destinations. This chart shows three bar charts, eac showing the top 3 intercontinental travel destinations in 2019-2022. Despite complex entry.

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Brexit without consequences Focusing on the most popular continental destinations, business travelers appear to be defying the complexities whatsapp mobile number list of Brexit-relatd entry requirements: Britain returnd to the top spot in 2022, overtaking Spain, which had gaind prominence during the pandemic.The fact that the business trip to our Austrian neighbors can, under certain circumstances, also be made by car is also reflectd in the decline in the corresponding flight bookings.

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You Can Read More About How

The friendly republic with the badge took bronze in this category. Business travel trends continental travel destinations 2. Tendency BJB Directory to travel longer distances. Preferably with more comfort An increasing rethinking can be seen in the duration of business trips: At 6.1 days, the average length of a business trip was more than 1 day longer than in 2019. A trend that can be observd throughout Europe. And even one-day short trips, the share of which was 16.4 percent in 2019, will show a significant decline to 6.4 percent in 2022. Meanwhile, the ned for comfort on board is apparently increasing among German business travelers.

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Is There A Difference Business Scalability

The decision-making process begins when it becomes aware of the existence of a given solution. Then it goes through the following phases: product knowlege, considering a purchase, purchase. This is of course only a simplifie description of the process. To describe it in more detail, you nee to reach for individual models and types of processes. Do you want to make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision? Our experts will advise you on how to do it effectively. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Types of consumer decision-making processes.

In Examples Tools Useful For Scaling

The consumer decision-making process was first describe in the 1960s on the example of Simon, Nicosia and later Engel’s team, known as EKB. Simon’s model describes the information gathering stage, the purchase design stage, and finally the whatsapp mobile number list purchasing stage. The Nicosia model focuses on the relationship between the company and its potential consumers. It suggests that the company’s messages are what in the first place influences the consumer’s attitude to the product or service. The EKB model, against the background of the aforementione ones, is distinguishe by its holistic approach.

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Your Business Business Scalability

It takes into account the entire process of consumer behavior during their purchasing activities. At the same time, it places particular emphasis on analyzing the course of information processing and making a purchase decision. Another, famous and BJB Directory still use model by Anderson (1965) consists of several dozen elements. It shows how the consumer shapes or changes the attitude towards a particular product. New models are create practically to this day – most recently in 2007 and 2009 ( Marketing spiral and McKinsey’s dynamic model ). As you can see, it’s not enough to know one of them. It’s better to be aware of the many models and factors that influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.

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The best tool to monitor your brand

Enter the brand name Brand24 is product online . Thanks to it, you will find customers and learn the scale of discussions around a selecte topic, brand or product. CreWatch the first video of the Intel campaign – The Art of Folding History Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaJanuary 22, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Recently, we wrote about the sensational Allegro campaign, where we wishe for more campaigns containing such attractive content. And please! On Thursday, January 21, Krzysztof Gonciarz’s first film from the Art of Folding History series, which is the result of his cooperation with Intel was release.

His ideas and visions

Experience YouTuber Krzysztof, who has been on YouTube for 5 years, is known for several intriguing incarnations – Ask Beczka, TheUwagaPies, Exploding whatsapp mobile number list Barrels, Cofam Suba – because, as he says about himself, he tries to be difficult to classify: a bit funny, a bit smart, a bit filmmaker, a bit postmodern crap . His films are characterize by attention to production and often complicate eiting for YouTube. He creates a lot of material with the participation of sponsors, but, as from, because his partners give him the right freeom. In this way, reconciling the goals of both parties involve benefits viewers who receive engaging and interesting content.

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The world from several interesting

This is also the case with cooperation with Intel. Campaign Its framework includes a series of short films The Art of Folding History , which is to show BJB Directory perspectives. On January 21, the first of them was release – More than one life , which helps to get to know another, exotic culture for us, but above all, it makes us reflect on our approach to life and the world.