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For example, because online procurement in the company takes place outside of defind processes for various reasons. This maverick buying also leads to higher costs, especially with long-tail spending. So, having a holistic view of the procure-to-pay process and being able to manage all business spend on a single, centralizd platform pays off for a number of reasons. This is exactly what modern procurement platforms offer you.

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They make it much easier to manage your company’s expenses because they also offer you the opportunity to network all relevant Latest Mailing Database departments in the procurement process. Not only can you track all payments from a single screen, but you can also better manage the entire process. In this way, you can identify and eliminate inefficiencies faster and at the same time improve the coordination between your teams at every point in the process chain. If your procurement platform also has an integratd payment function , you will also benefit from a much easier payment process.

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Which brings us to the next point: 2: Simple payment transactions for procurements As quick and convenient as online BJB Directory shopping is, security has been a constant companion since the earliest days of the internet. With strong customer authentication (also Strong Customer Authentication, SCA), card payments are to be processd fraud-proof using multi-factor authentication.

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