Best Group Coaching Platforms

There’s no doubt that coaching creates a substantial effect on student success. It’s proven effective even by great philos Telegraph Number Data ophers. Today, there’s a massive shift of professionals who are starting their journey as a coach. If you’re one of them, I’ve listed the 5 Best Group Coaching Platforms to help you choose the right tools. Since coaching is a proven approach to winning in life, in career, and in business too, different innovations are coming up on how we can improve coaching—from Topknot, Kadakareer, to JRNY. Not only you can find these innovations in startups, but you can also find them inside learning communities like Nesslabs. But the mind-blowing part isn’t just in these startups and communities, it’s more on the numbers of professionals who are shifting career paths to coaching as a side hustle or full-time business. In the US alone, the market size of the life coaching industry is $1.4Billion in 2022.

Coaching vs Group Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is simply performing the coaching session with one person. It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or in-person, as long as you are giving your full attention to one person. On the other hand, group coaching is where you are coaching two or more people together. It depends on how many people would you like to coach in a group, but the maximum is 300-400 people. If you want a more intimate discussion, you can limit it to 5-30 people.

Benefits of Group Coaching

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Here are reasons why group coaching can be a better idea: Encourages peer learning. Group coaching allows stu BJB Directory dents to learn not just from the coach, but also from their peers. At times, coaches serve as facilitators in group coaching to guide the to what they want to learn. Increases collaborative learning. Group coaching isn’t limited to the discussion. To make it lively and engaging, coaches usually integrate group activities, and break out sessions, during the session. It enhances collaborative learning among your coachees. Lessens the involvement of the coach. Isn’t focused on the coach. Since everyone can give their point of view during the discussion, the coach is less involved in giving suggestions, lecturing, or advising. A coach serves as a guide to make sure the goal of the session is met, and everyone is heard and learning. After learning about the benefits of, here are the best platform to start your coaching business.

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