Best Online Teaching Methods Will Change the Way

Online teaching is hard. Especially if you don’t have a background in teaching or education. In this article, we want to help the new teachers of our era who are called edupreneurs, course creators, trainers, and founders improve their teaching techniques. Therefore, I listed down the most effective online teaching methods that will change the way you teach with examples and additional readings.

Hybrid Cohort-based Model

The hybrid Cohort-based Model is a coined term from Teachfloor, the leading learning platform for cohort-based courses. This model allows inst Telegraph Number Data ructors to scale their cohort-based courses faster than usual without compromising the quality of the course. The Hybrid cohort-based model works very well in online teaching because of its 70-30 strategy which combined live sessions and self-paced learning methods together. Consequently, it’s good for both students and instructors by discovering the sweet spot of MOOCs and cohort-based learning models.

Flipped Classroom

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For some reason, the flipped classroom has been the gateway for active learning. Flipped class BJB Directory room style is an easy-to-apply online teaching method. You just need to flip the traditional style—where teachers use their class time for lectures and then give homework to students. Instead of this, you flip it into providing homework before starting your class where students can read, watch, and review the content. Then you can use your class time for healthy discussions, debates, answering questions, group work, etc based on the homework materials.

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