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Transform your Community into a Classroom

Learning with a community is the best way to learn nowadays. It inhabits peer learning which is a powerful tool for a transformative learning experience. It’s no doubt that by turning your community into a classroom, which means making learning part of your community rituals, you will not only give more value to your members but will also sustain your community for the long term. Communities are great especially when you meet like-minded people with shared interests. If you’re like me who are working with technology, I bet you have more than one online community that you’re part of. Sometimes, joining these communities that discuss topics in line with our interests is addictive. We get FOMO which makes us dig into rabbit holes.

Organize a live event

In fact, this is the simplest thing you can do to start. Figure out the topic that me Telegraph Number Data mbers are eager to learn. Then either invite a speaker, a member, or a non-member, for a live discussion. Examples of this kind of discussion are: AMA (ask me anything!) mini-workshops fireside chats facilitated debates or sometimes, a group discussion will do If you can’t figure out the topic and who to invite, create a poll in your community. Or if you count yourself as an expert, then you can be the best resource person on your first community event.

Conduct weekly learning sessions

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This is the best way to start transforming your community into a classroom. Now that you have members already, it will be easier for you to valid BJB Directory ate if you should add a course offering in your community. What do I mean? Not all communities can be learning hubs. Validation among community members is necessary by conducting weekly learning sessions. Here are the steps to do that: Start with 4-week learning sessions where you can mix up the self-paced and live learning. Take a look at how many members will join and participate. Track how many members will complete your weekly learning sessions. How many members missed out 1, 2 or 3 of the weekly sessions? And how many complete the four weeks? Observe how many are engaging and enthusiastically participating. Find out how much they like the sessions and how much it helps them through feedback & survey. Lastly, figure out if they want more. Ask them if they will participate once you create a cohort-based course out of the learning sessions. If they do, then you’re about to turn your comm  unity into a classroom style successfully.

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