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Top Edtech YouTube Channels for Learning

YouTube ranks as the second biggest search engine. The video streaming platform now offers content on a variety of topics. One can find anything to everything for free. Time and again, YouTube has proven itself as resourceful for eduprenuers. Consequently, several Edtech enthusiasts host their successful channels sharing tips and information with learners from all over the world. Here is a list of the 10 leading Edtech channels on YouTube that stand out.

Best 10 EdTech YouTube Channels

Edutopia is a collaborative venture that began in 1991 from the efforts of filmmaker, George Lucas, and venture capitalist, Steve Arnold. The platform and joint YouTube channel prim Telegraph Number Data arily focus on K-12 education. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of content for other levels of learners and teachers alike. These videos incorporate six core learning strategies. Such as comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social & emotional learning, teacher development, and technology integration. Consequently, these strategies offer a more targeted learning approach.

Gary Vaynerchuk
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Many of us have come across Gary’s videos at least once while scrolling down YouTube. He is a popular entre BJB Directory preneur and expert on e-commerce startups. Gary began his career by transforming his family’s wine business into an online e-commerce platform which earned him a grand success. Since then, he has gone on to share his experience and knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses. Besides, his successful YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers and hundreds of videos, he also happens to be the CEO of VeeFriends (his NFT collection), Chairman of VaynerMedia, and five times NYT bestseller author. Gary has truly done it all. One can learn a great deal from his channel about social media tips, business trends, launching startups, NFTs, etc.

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