Easy ways to create an online masterclass

Masterclasses seem to be the next ‘it’ thing in the edTech industry. I am sure every one of us has come across at least one while sleuthing online. Their focused design makes them an immediate success among users. However, creating and launching an online masterclass requires its own set of skills. So without further ado, let’s get into this.Masterclass is a class taught by someone who has an expert knowledge or skill in a particular area.

What is a Masterclass ?

So how does a masterclass differ from a regular online class? What makes it so special and a cut above the others? Well, to simply put it, a maste Telegraph Number Data rclass is a specialized course catering to seekers of expert experience. These are micro-learning-based classes for advanced learners offered by a seasoned expert. More recently, the term was popularized by MasterClass.com. The platform reeled in top industry experts to share their teaching with rookie learners. Soon the concept became a huge hit.

How to create an online masterclass

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The very process of creation begins with planning. If the plans are not adequ BJB Directory ately designed, the entire project can fall through. Since you are designing a masterclass, you will require years of knowledge and experience to be able to call something your expertise. Not only is this necessary from a teaching point of view, but perhaps, more so from the marketing point of view. The reason why people sign up for any masterclass has a lot to do with the person teaching than just the skill being taught. They can learn the skill from anywhere but what is it about you that they should come to you. All this is to say that before you actually begin the design process. A lot of prior work will be required to get to this point.

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