Biggest Challenges with Online Learning

Online learning conquered the world of education in the past two years. There are benefits and challenges that we should be grateful for and need to work on. Today, we will talk about the biggest challenges with online learning. Plus tips and tactics on how to overcome them. Everyone transitioned into online learning & work during the pandemic. It was a no-exit game for us because literally, the whole world closed down. We are not ready for it, especially the teachers and students who changed their mode of learning and teaching in a blink of an eye. From physical classrooms to virtual classrooms, teachers didn’t have a choice but to conduct an ‘emergency online teaching’ without proper training.

Too Many Distractions

When we are not physically present, distractions are so visible and more tempting. I guess everyone who is learning, teaching, and even working at home was chal Telegraph Number Data lenged on how they can shut down the distractions in their environment. What learners can do: Create your learning environment at home. It doesn’t mean you need to be extravagant to do this. A small space where you can think, write, and learn clearly, free from noise and visual distractions can make a huge difference. An orderly space can solve this pressing challenge with online learning. What you can also do is use several productivity techniques such as time-blocking, calendar blocking, and website blocking to get you in extreme focus. If you’re living with your family, colleagues, or friends, tell them about your class schedule. So they know when to call, talk or disturb you. Another way is to put your mobile or other gadgets in silent mode and away from you. Try productivity apps such as Forest Grow to make it fun.

Lack of Motivation

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The feeling of isolation and the lack of face-to-face interaction can be a downturn in one’s motivation when it comes to online le BJB Directory arning. This could lead to declining grades and unwillingness to learn. How we can solve this challenge with online learning? What learners can do: Write your SMART goals. What are your learning goals in taking the class? Another way to do that is to create a list of what motivates you to finish the course. Set your motivation list as wallpaper on your phone or print it out and hang it on the wall. Put it somewhere you can easily see it. Organize your learning space. Design it according to your style, your taste, and your personality to increase motivation and productivity. Build your habits and routine. This is one of the hardest! But once you build it, you will be more than motivated. Then track your habits to see your progress.

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