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Technology used to combat phishing Black Friday – checklist dla e-commerce Get to know your target group: Analyze customer needs and behavior. Address market segmentation. Personalize your offer. Website preparation: Optimize your website for speed and performance. Place promotions on your home page. Simplify your purchasing process. Advertising on social media: Create engaging posts and ads. Use influencers for promotion. Organize giveaway competitions. Creating promotional packages: Bundle products into attractive packages at special prices. Offer discounts to regular customers. Add gifts for first time buyers. Incentives to return: Introduce a loyalty program. Hand out discount coupons for your next purchases. Invest in remarketing advertising.

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Results analysis and summary: Track your UAE Email List sales statistics. Analyze your return on investment. Collect customer feedback and make improvements for the future. Black Friday – trends from recent years Before we finish, some more inspiration for your Black Friday marketing strategy: More and more companies decide to extend promotions not only for one day, but for a whole week or even a whole month. This allows them to attract more customers and increase sales in the long run. Since we’re talking about Black Friday, we can’t forget about the one immediately following Cyber ​​Monday (called the “post-Black Friday overtime”). Many companies offer special promotions only for customers who subscribe to the newsletter or create an account on the website.

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This is an effective way to build customer loyalty BJB Directory and obtain contact details that can be used in future marketing campaigns (including newsletters). In recent years, the popularity of personalized marketing on Black Friday has also been growing. Companies try to tailor offers to customers’ individual preferences, using data from their previous purchases or online behavior. Personalization is increasingly expected by customers and can bring significant results in increasing sales on Black Friday. In recent years, the growing importance of mobility has also been observed. More and more people use mobile devices to browse offers and make online purchases. Companies increasingly care about the responsiveness of websites and the optimization of the purchasing process on smartphones and tablets.

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To achieve optimal message deliverability

To achieve optimal message deliverability You can also offer special discounts to people who have recommended the store to their friends or family. This is an even simpler – and not necessarily less effective – way to increase sales than a loyalty program. Remarketing advertising Thanks to remarketing advertising, we can reach people who visited our website but did not make a purchase. Using data about their behavior on the website, you can prepare personalized ads that will remind them of the products they have previously viewed and encourage them to return. Remarketing advertising is effective because it allows you to reach people who have shown previous interest in our products. Results analysis and summary When the Black Friday fever subsides, it’s time to reflect and analyze the results.

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By looking at the statistics, you should spot any Canada Email List mistakes, which in turn will allow you to better prepare for the next editions of the October “e-commerce holiday”, as well as for subsequent campaigns – for example, Back to School . Tracking sales statistics It’s obvious – the most important indicator of success in e-commerce is sales. By comparing the results with previous years and analyzing which products were most popular, you will obtain valuable tips for the future. Also check where your customers came to the website from and which traffic source was the most valuable. This way you will learn which form of advertising to invest in in the future and which ones you can safely abandon.

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Analysis of return on investment in marketing activities BJB Directory Every advertising campaign is an investment. By comparing your expenses on marketing activities with the revenues generated from them, you can assess which of them were the most profitable. ROI (return on investment) analysis will allow you to understand which activities have brought the greatest benefits – these are the ones worth focusing on in the future. Collecting customer feedback and making corrections for the future Customer opinions are a source of invaluable knowledge. From their feedback, you will learn what you liked most about your offer or order handling and what needs improvement. Surveys, social media comments and direct messages allow you to develop and implement necessary (or simply useful) changes and raise standards in various areas. 

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Examples of guerilla marketing show what factors are key

Examples of guerilla marketing show what factors are key. The idea is to combine various products into attractive sets and offer them at a promotional price. The products in the package should complement each other. For example, if you run a cosmetics store, you can combine. A face cream with a tonic and a mask in one attractive set. A customer who intend to buy only one product may be tempt by an attractive offer. And decide to purchase the entire set. Discounts for regular customers Regular customers are a valuable asset for every company. It is worth appreciating their loyalty by offering special discounts or promotions available only to them.

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This may be, for example, an additional discount Canada Email List code sent by e-mail. Or a special offer available only to people. Who have made a purchase in the store in the last 12 months. Gifts for first time buyers Offering gifts to the first people who make a purchase. The number of which is best determined by you because you know your store, its options and customers better) is a great way to increase traffic to your website during Black Friday. Customers like to feel special, and the opportunity to win a limited-edition gift may encourage them to make a purchase sooner. The gifts can be different – from product samples, through gadgets with the company logo, to vouchers for future purchases.

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Incentives to return Black Friday is a one-day shopping BJB Directory madness, but for many companies it is also a great opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers. Properly planned after-sales activities can encourage customers to make repeat purchases and increase their brand loyalty. Loyalty program Introducing a loyalty program is an opportunity to reward customers for their purchases and then encourage them to return. Loyalty points, which can be exchanged for discounts, products or other rewards, encourage customers to make more frequent purchases. The loyalty program can also be connected to a mobile app that will allow customers to track their points and take advantage of exclusive offers. Black Friday – discount coupons for your next purchases A discount coupon attached to the receipt or sent by e-mail after making a purchase is a great incentive to visit the store again.

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It is best to match the activity to the product

It is best to match the activity to the product Also remember about the possibility of paying using various methods and detailed information about delivery and possible return of goods. Black Friday marketing and social media advertising Social media, just like a good advertising slogan , plays a key role in the marketing strategy of many companies. Their potential during Black Friday is even greater because they allow you to quickly reach a wide group of recipients and generate real sales effects. Creating engaging posts and ads Social media advertising campaigns must attract attention. During Black Friday, competition is fierce, so your posts and ads must stand out from the rest. Graphics, animations and short videos can be a great way to present your offer in an attractive way.

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It is also worth experimenting with ad formats, such as product Austria Email List carousels or dynamic ads that present an offer tailored to a specific user. Using influencers for promotion Influencers are people who have a large impact on their community and can effectively promote products or services. Cooperation with influencers during Black Friday can bring tangible benefits, especially if their audience matches our target group. However, it is worth remembering about authenticity – let’s choose influencers who actually use our products and can recommend them with sincere will. Increasing engagement on Black Friday – competitions, promotions, gifts, discounts Competitions and giveaways (on the English-speaking Internet you may encounter the term “giveaways”) are a great way to increase community involvement and promote your brand.

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Simple campaigns in which participants can win attractive BJB Directory prizes (not necessarily very expensive) often enjoy great interest and generate many shares. It is important that the rules are clear and the rewards are adjusted to the expectations of the community. This is another way to increase the reach of your posts and attract new customers. Create promotional packages Black Friday is a time when customers expect special deals. Promotional packages are a great way to offer them more than just regular discounts. They not only allow you to increase the value of the basket, but also encourage customers to experiment with new products. Combining products into attractive packages

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Start handing out something more interesting than just

Start handing out something more interesting than just Market segmentation and offer personalization Not every customer is the same. That is why market segmentation and adapting the offer to specific target groups is so important. Based on data analysis, various customer segments can be distinguished, e.g. regulars, occasional buyers or those who have not yet decided to make a purchase. Using this knowledge, you can prepare personalized offers that will meet the tastes and needs of specific customer groups. Personalization may concern not only prices, but also the type of products, additional benefits and marketing communications. In the digital era, where the customer is bombarded with a lot of information, a personalized offer can be a key factor in deciding on a purchase.

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Black Friday – Prepare your website In the era of online Belgium Email List shopping, a website is the showcase of every store, and during Black Friday it can become a key place where customers make purchasing decisions. How to prepare her for this hot period? Optimize for speed During Black Friday, website traffic increases dramatically. No wonder, after all, everyone wants to take advantage of attractive opportunities. To ensure your customers have a smooth and hassle-free browsing experience, optimize your website for speed. This means, among others: graphic compression, code optimization and the use of technologies such as lazy loading. Every second of page loading is worth its weight in gold – the faster the page loads, the greater the chance that the customer will make a purchase.


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Use promotions Customers who visit the website BJB Directory during Black Friday expect one thing above all – promotions. The best offers must be visible on the home page. Promotional graphics, banners and featured products should attract attention and tempt with attractive prices. It is also worth considering adding a countdown timer to the end of the promotion – this may additionally motivate customers to make a purchase quickly. Simplify your purchasing process Even the best offer may be ignored if the purchasing process is complicated or unintuitive. Analyze the purchase path and simplify it wherever possible. Eliminating unnecessary steps, clear messages about order status and the ability to purchase without registering are just a few ways to increase conversions.

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All you really need is a good idea and a smartphone camera to

All you really need is a good idea and a smartphone camera to create For many stores and brands. This is a key moment of the year that may determine their annual sales results. It is therefore worth having a strategy prepared that can increase our chances of acquiring a potential customer. And, most importantly, keeping him. Many things help in such a situation, and it’s not just about effective email marketing . The statistics from recent years are impressive. Online sales on Black Friday increased to billion globally . This is an increase of 3.5 percentage points. Compared year to year. Black Friday and marketing – these are the things you need to remember.

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I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced that Black USA Email List Friday is a period (not just a day anymore, because the “holiday” has become significantly longer, including Monday’s Cyber ​​Monday) for which every online store must prepare very thoroughly to maximize its potential. An effective newsletter or a large-scale marketing campaign are empty phrases until we delve deeper into the topic and find real meaning in it. So what should you do? An email marketing agency will undoubtedly help with this , but if you want to know why, let’s start at the beginning… Get to know your target group You may be well aware of this, but it’s worth repeating – the basis of success in marketing, especially during such a competitive period as Black Friday, is understanding your target group.

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Knowing what customers are looking for and what BJB Directory their expectations are will allow you to send them the right message and offer. Analyze customer needs and behavior during Black Friday The Black Friday period is not only a shopping madness, but above all a time when customers are more open to new offers and willingly take advantage of promotions. It is worth analyzing which products were most popular in previous years, what were the purchasing trends and which customer segments were the most active. Analytical tools and data from previous years can provide valuable insight into what customers really want. It is also worth monitoring discussions on social media and online forums to find out what the current expectations and needs of customers are.

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The brewing campaign created a video promotion showing

The brewing campaign created a video promotion showing PrestaShop is a platform that has gained great popularity in Europe. This is an option for medium and large stores, offering a wide range of functions and the possibility of personalization. Redcart. Redcart is a Polish platform that is gaining more and more fans thanks to its usefulness and simplicity. This is a good solution for small and medium-sized stores that value time and want to focus on sales. Shoper. Shoper is another Polish platform that has gained wide popularity. It is a versatile solution for stores of all sizes, offering both ease of use and advanced tools. Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in the world.

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This is a solution for beginners and medium-sized stores that UK Email List want to start selling online quickly and effectively. Sky Shop. Sky Shop is a Polish platform that is gaining more and more attention on the market. This is a good option for beginners and small shops, offering a simple interface and the basic features you need to start your business. WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress that allows you to create an online store based on this content management system. This is an option for those who already use WordPress and want to add e-commerce functionality to their website.

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To sum up…Black Friday and marketing. How to increase BJB Directory sales on Black Friday? Black Friday, called the “e-commerce holiday”, is a chance for customers to catch a bargain, and for online stores – to increase sales. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. How to use Black Friday to increase your profit? Black Friday, also known as Black Friday, is one of the most important events in the shopping calendar that has its origins in the United States. Traditionally, it falls on the day after Thanksgiving and opens the pre-Christmas shopping season, becoming synonymous with gigantic discounts and promotions. In recent years, Black Friday has gained enormous popularity also in Europe, including Poland, transforming from a one-day event into a real shopping marathon lasting the entire weekend, and often even the entire week.

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There are plenty of examples of guerrilla marketing

There are plenty of examples of guerrilla marketing Medium-sized online store – what platform. If you run a medium-sized store, it is worth paying attention to platforms such as PrestaShop or Wix. They are flexible and offer a good balance between usability and advanced features. Large e-commerce – what platform? For large, extensive stores with a wide range of products. More advanced solutions such as Magento or BigCommerce may be best. They offer a wide range of features that will help you manage large amounts of data and orders. E-commerce platforms – frequently ask questions There are several questions often ask about shopping platforms on the Polish Internet. We will try to answer them. Who uses Shoper? Shoper is a platform that has gained great popularity in Poland.

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It is often chosen by entrepreneurs who Australia Email List value simplicity and efficiency, but also by those who need advanced tools to manage their store. What is the alternative to Allegro? If you are looking for an alternative to Allegro, Olx or eBay, stores based on the Etsy platform for handicrafts or Amazon for a wide range of products may be a good choice. What is better? Shoper or Sky Shop? Comparing two Polish e-commerce giants, Shoper and Sky Shop, is not easy. Shoper offers more advanced analytical tools and is more flexible. Sky Shop, on the other hand, is easier to use and may be a better choice for people who are just starting their online business.

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Store platforms popular in Poland There are several dozen BJB Directory store platforms in Poland, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. Below are the ones that usually appear in the most popular lists: Comarch e-shop . Comarch e-shop is one of the most famous Polish platforms, valued for its stability and wide integration possibilities with other Comarch systems. This is a good solution for medium and large enterprises. Idosell . Idosell is a platform that focuses on the comprehensive e-commerce area and is popular among Polish stores of various sizes. The offer is individually tailored, which allows for flexible store management. Magento. Magento is a global e-commerce giant known for its scalability and flexibility. This is a good solution for large stores that need advanced functions and individual customizations.

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This applies to both outdoor promotions

This applies to both outdoor promotions Personalization . The ability to customize the appearance and functions of the store to suit your needs is a great advantage. Some platforms offer extensive personalization options, from changing colors to advanced modifications. Integrations and plugins. Check if the platform integrates with other tools you plan to use. It may be a payment system, email marketing tools or analytics. SEO for an online store . Search engine optimization is the key to success, so it is worth choosing a platform that offers advanced tools in this area. Thanks to them, website positioning will be much easier and more effective. Of course, you can always use the knowledge of experts in this field who will prepare and implement. The plan for you (use the contact details to learn more ;)) Technical assistance.

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The ability to quickly contact the support department is an important Senegal Mobile Number List element that may prove necessary, especially at the initial stage of business. Opinions and reviews. Don’t forget to read reviews from other users and get an idea of ​​whether the platform is well-rated in terms of performance, support, and overall usability. Location and language. If your store is to be addressed to customers from different countries, consider whether the platform offers a multilingual version and the option to pay in different currencies. Legal aspects. The platform must meet all legal requirements, including those related to GDPR and returns policy. An important thing to introduce at the very beginning – the regulations of the online store (including the privacy policy).

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Each tool should enable easy introduction and BJB Directory updating of regulations, which are mandatory and must comply with applicable law. Which e-commerce platform should you choose? Choosing an e-commerce platform is a key decision that largely depends on how large an online store you plan to open. That’s why we’ve divided our recommendations into three main categories, depending on the size and needs of your project. Online store for beginners – which platform? If you are just starting your e-commerce adventure, it is worth considering platforms that are beginner-friendly. Shopify or WooCommerce are excellent solutions, offering an intuitive interface and plenty of guides available.

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Guerilla marketing can be successfully used by both global

Guerilla marketing can be successfully used by both global Choosing the right platform for an online store is one of the most important decisions to make in the initial phase of your business. The store platform is an absolute base for every e-commerce business, which allows not only to effectively manage the assortment and orders, but also to automate many processes, from warehouse management to sales data analysis. So if you’re wondering how to set up an online store or how to design an online store , know that you should start by choosing the right platform. At the very beginning, you also need to consider how to promote your online store. A properly selected e-commerce platform can also help in this matter. The one you choose should include a variety of marketing tools to help you reach your target group.

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There are so many e-commerce platforms in Poland that we Singapore Mobile Number List decided to write an article in which we will show how to choose among them consciously and accurately, regardless of the market segment in which you operate or plan to operate. First of all, we will consider what to pay attention to when choosing a platform and which solutions available in Poland are particularly popular and why. If you are planning an e-commerce business, but you still don’t know which platform for the online store you plan to launch will be the most suitable – you’ve come to the right place. Choosing a store platform – what should you remember.

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To begin with, we present in a concise and specific way BJB Directory all the issues that require consideration at the stage of choosing an e-commerce platform: Budget. Determining how much you are willing to spend on the platform is key. Some platforms are available for free (open source), but require additional fees for advanced features or add-ons. Scalability. When choosing a platform, it is worth considering its scalability. Make sure it’s easy to add new features or increase the number of products offered to accommodate your growing business. Usability . The platform interface should be intuitive and easy to use. This is especially important for people who do not have much experience in managing an online store.

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When we are all overloaded with stimuli

When we are all overloaded with stimuli Payment options. Offer a variety of payment methods to suit the preferences of as many customers as possible. Security. Make sure your website uses advanced security mechanisms, such as SSL certificates, to ensure that you don’t lose customer trust. Summary. The last step should include a detailed summary of purchases with the option to edit before finalization. Purchase confirmation. After finalizing the purchase, the customer should receive a confirmation email containing all transaction details and delivery information. Adaptation to mobile versions (responsiveness) More and more online purchases are made using mobile devices. Therefore, adapting the store to smartphones and tablets is not an option, but an absolute necessity. Here’s what to consider: Scalability. The website should scale automatically and adapt to different screen sizes. Navigation. Navigation elements must be large and easily accessible to facilitate use on devices with smaller screens. Readability.

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Text and graphics should be legible without the need Vietnam Mobile Number List to zoom in. Charging speed. Mobile users are less patient, so make sure your website loads quickly. Simple purchasing process. Mobile users value simplicity and speed, so the purchasing process should be as uncomplicated as possible. Tests on various devices. Regularly test the appearance and functionality of the website on various devices and browsers. How to design an online store – Summary Regardless of whether you will design your online store yourself, engage a graphic designer, or use one of the templates, you must remember the following issues: attractive design that will attract users’ attention and interest; understanding the recipient to be able to better tailor the offer and method of communication.

Drawing attention to the product or service offered

Intuitive navigation and clear store structure that will make it BJB Directory easier for customers to find what they are looking for; advanced search functions thanks to which users can easily find the products they are interested in; comprehensive product subpages that will answer every question and dispel every customer doubt; a simple and quick purchasing process that will not discourage the customer from finalizing the transaction; optimization for mobile devices to ensure the convenience of using the website on various platforms. Which platform for an online store? What to pay attention to? Starting an e-commerce business can be an exciting step in growing your own business.

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Marketing is a great solution for any company

Marketing is a great solution for any company so when designing a product subpage, you must include all the information and functions that will make it easier to make a choice. Product details Each subpage should contain a detailed description of the product, its specifications and other key information, such as warranty or availability. Use legible fonts and colors. Integrate a photo gallery in different angles and provide the ability to zoom in. Price and purchase options The price of the product should be easily visible and purchasing options such as sizes, colors and other variants should be easily accessible. Place the “Add to cart” or “Buy now” button in a visible place. Suggest additional products, most often purchased together with the item being viewed.

Communication and engage customers more effectively

Opinions and ratings Opinions and ratings from Venezuela Mobile Number List other customers are a powerful tool for building trust. Introduce the option of adding photos and videos from users to reviews. Integrate a rating system where customers can rate various aspects of the product. Delivery and returns information Customers often look for information about delivery and returns before making a purchase. Provide clear and accurate information about shipping costs, delivery times and returns policy. Place this information in an easily accessible place, preferably near the product price. Remember about Call to action Each product subpage should contain a clear and noticeable call to action that highlights why customers should make a purchase.

They can be implemented virtually regardless

Use eye-catching colors and clear messages. Test different BJB Directory versions of CTA to find the most effective one. Keeping these elements in mind, you can create product subpages that not only inform, but also convince. This is the key to increasing conversions and building long-term relationships with customers. Purchasing process The simplicity and intuitiveness of the purchasing process are critical factors for every online store. What can you do to make the customer’s journey easier? Minimizing the number of steps. The fewer steps to complete the purchase, the better. Optimize the process so that customers can make a purchase in as few clicks as possible. Clear instructions. Each step of the purchasing process should be clearly defined. Use clear buttons and instructions.