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There Are Many Options for Barcelona to Repeat as

In an interview with Europa Press, Aurora Catà – the number 2 of the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona – assures that there are “many more options than people believe” for Barcelona to “repeat as host of the Copa América ” , and that, in short, “if Barcelona wants, Barcelona can.” «First of all, I’m going to the competition. “Team New Zealand is the only team that has a 50% chance of winning, because it is the only one that goes directly to the final, and they have said publicly, and other teams too, that they will seriously consider repeating Barcelona as a venue,” he revealed.

There are wonderful cities

Taboolayou may like “She looks like another person”: the image of Alaska without makeup that has shocked the networks Hence, Barcelona has the ‘pole position’, if the city and the rest of the Email List institutions want, to also host the 38th edition in. «It is difficult for me to think of what could happen so that Barcelona would not repeat. It could happen that Barcelona did not want to, but I don’t see it… Really, we have had, I insist, as the organization of an event of this dimension, situations of fixing everything with will, vocation and complicity, from all over the world celebrated.

They are not comparable

From the first there is complicity of institutions at all levels, of all colors, for a common project for all that puts Barcelona back as a city and as a community on the international map. We have found a solution to everything and we remain, let me say, as friends as the first day, and that is really difficult BJB Directory to repeat,” he highlighted. For all this, Aurora Catà was more than clear: «If Barcelona wants, if Catalonia and Spain and the entire entity wants to repeat, can it be repeated? Yes, I always say ‘if Barcelona vol, Barcelona pot’. That is, if Barcelona wants, Barcelona can.

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