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The image of marketing in our country

Self-taught and practitioner, operating mainly in the field of digital marketing. Nearly seven years of experience helpe him become a co-creator of the Wrocław-base start-up BoxOfAds. Privately, a lover of board games and a happy owner of a French bulldog name Alfre. “ I hope that the text has manage to describe at least the most important trends in banner advertising and the knowlege I have share will prove helpful. In search of inspiration when creating banners, our product may be useful – I invite you to test BoxOfAds . Brand24 Brand24 We monitor the internet and analyze the Report.

We took over a dozen marketing

The New Role of Marketing Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaNovember min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn 2 days of inspiring lectures, 280 participants, 6 workshops, over 20 hours of speeches, 24 speakers – including Jacek Kotarbiński, Natalia Hatalska, Marek Staniszewski, ReZigiusz, Tomasz Sulewski (Orange), Kacper Winiarczyk (UBER) – this is database the 4th eition in a nutshell Marketing Progress conference. It is a conference, which is accompanie every year by studies create especially for this occasion, analyzing. This time, the knowlege and level of use of modern marketing tools in everyday work in Polish companies was examine. The results of these studies are collecte in the report.


We paid particular attention

The New Role of Marketing . tools that have recently experience a boom. In the industry meia and at conferences, they were change by all cases and BJB Directory one could get the impression that they were on everyone’s lips.  to their use by small, meium and large Polish enterprises Marta Górazda, Strategic Planner at Mind Progress Group, research coordinator Report: The New Role of Marketing From purely technical matters.

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