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The digital transformation of the real estate Ways to Stop Phubbing. Some people can’t resist the urge to check their phone for social media. A phone addiction and we’ve all been there. Luckily there is an easy solution for you with BlockSite. Imagine you could limit your access to apps and websites on your phone for specific time periods of the day. Or week so you can be fully attentive and present with your partner, friends and family. Blocksite is a site blocker web extension and app that helps you focus on. Bbing is harmful to you and your relationships. But sometimes simply limiting your phone time is easier said than done.

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Not to worry, because that is what BlockSite is here New Zealand Phone Numbers List for. It limits your phone time for you. Think of BlockSite as your focus partner and sidekick. Blocksite has various features that help make it easier for you to take time off your phone, you won’t even realize you’ve broken this bad habit and naturally you will rebuild those strong connections with your closest relationships that phubbing was interfering with. Schedule Feature With Blocksite’s schedule feature you can set specific times in your daily or weekly schedule to block your most distracting apps or websites.

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This is a very helpful tool to stop phubbing BJB Directory because it allows you to create a personalized schedule of blocking apps and websites which limits your phone time so you can have meaningful conversations and strong connections with those around you. For example, if you struggle with phubbing during dinner time with your family, you can simply create a schedule on Blocksite where you block your most distracting apps and websites during 5:00pm to 7:00pm (or whenever you most commonly have dinner), so you aren’t able able to access these sites or apps nor are you tempted to go on your phone during dinner time. Now your siblings, partner, children, friends, whomever it may be will feel important and prioritized and your relationships will no longer be lacking connection.

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