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Create a series of educational emails The schedule feature is a very helpful tool for phubbing. Because you start to get your control and focus back on your time. undefined Category blocking Blocksite also offers a feature called category blocking. Category blocking is very helpful to stop phubbing. Because it enables users to block out an entire category of apps or websites for a specific period of time. For example, if social media apps are the root. What is pulling you out of conversations and onto your phone, you can category block all of your social media apps as a collective. Category blocking makes it quick and easy for users to remove access to their biggest phone distractions.

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It’s a great solution to help stop phubbing because it allows you to disable. The use of all distracting apps or websites that fall under the same Algeria Mobile Number List category all at once. The quickness and efficiency of category blocking can help increase the quickness and efficiency of rebuilding the connections between you and your closest relationships. undefined Password Protection Blocksites password protection feature is a solution extremely beneficial to stop phubbing. Parents, for example, who want to have more meaningful conversations and connections with their children can benefit greatly from this feature! All they have to do is block the child’s most distracting apps and websites then enable the password protection function so the children cannot access these sites or apps without the password.

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This is also helpful in cases where you want BJB Directory extra security for ensuring your selected websites and apps stay blocked and that your temptations to visit them don’t win. For example, the password protection feature can be used when you want extra security with not being able to access your distracting apps and sites. You can ask a friend to use the password protection feature on your device so that you don’t know the password required to remove the block over your selected apps and sites. The only way for you to access them is if your friend enters the password. The password protection feature is very helpful to stop phubbing because it ensures extra security that your most distracting apps and websites will remain inaccessible during times when you typically are phubbing the most.

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