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SEO analysis tools Follow along below to understand the severe impact of wasting too much time on your phone. Mental health Too much screen time has shown to have negative effects on mental health in various ways. Research has found that there is a direct correlation between phone time and sleep deficits. A 2013 study concluded that light from your phone screen suppresses melatonin. Which is the hormone your body needs in order to sleep. So being on your phone for too long in the evening can have harmful effects on your quality of sleep. There is also evidence supporting that phone time decreases memory ability. According to Addiction Center, research has found that the area of your brain responsible for memory. Known as gray matter, can be negatively affected with too much screen time. There’s also research suggesting that being on your phone too much can affect your attention span.

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This seems to be apparent when you are trying to Germany Mobile Number List focus and your phone is out in plain sight, deterring your attention from what’s going on in day-to-day life activities and experiences. There is also research suggesting that excessive screen time correlates to ADHD in youth, thus phones impact people’s ability to focus in more than one way. Another issue with phones impacting mental health is increased levels of anxiety and depression. There is lots of research discussing excessive phone usage and how it’s linked to anxiety and depression. A study from Northwestern Now stated that too much time staring at a phone screen leads to depression.

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Cellphones and social media are gateways to BJB Directory  seeing other people’s lives. Not only do phones make it easier to compare yourself and your experiences to others, it removes you from living life which perpetuates  BJB Director, building human connections, achieving work tasks – doing basic human life necessities that help you avoid feelings of anxiety and depression. Excessive phone time has strong effects on your mental health, specifically sleep problems, weakened memory, short attention span, and increased anxiety and depression.

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