Telegram Data

Quick detection of eye patients

Ophthalmology clinic management program The doctor can know the number of his cases at any time from the examination list and the total revenues for all his types of examinations in the event that he deals with the proportion if there is more than one doctor in the clinic. Review return appointments for pThe program also enables you to view All orders or search for them either.

The supplier’s name or by order

Facilitating the process of managing supplier accounts Supplier reports with the Easy Store supplier account management program Supplier data Kuwait Telegram Data Resource movement Resource movement for type Resource movement for an item General resource movement Vendor accounts Supplier account statement Resource return transaction Supplier movement with combin items.

Telegram Data

Discount and addition notices

Suppliers during a period Suppliers’ debts during the period Suppliers’ receivables at a certain date A supplier account statement with the dates UK Email List of invoices Comparing a supplier’s withdrawals of items by month Comparing a supplier’s withdrawals of items by years Supplier balances monthly and annually Supplier payments over a period To contact sales The best software company for your services Leave your comment full name full name.

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