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The clinic’s profitability over a certain period Followup report on the patient’s previous vision measurements Supports the automatic data completion feature to make it easier for the doctor to write data Strong data protection so you can copy and restore the database while preserving patient data The most important menus and screens in the program.

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Accounts Reports Employees Purchasing Settings The Easy Clinic eye and ophthalmology clinic management program offers the ability to Japan Telegram Data record all the patient’s primary data, such as name, number, or address, and also search for them with ease. Support and complete data automatically Autocomplete while writing in various fields to facilitate the process of writing data and save time. The program holds an unlimit amount of patient data, and you can add, modify, or delete data at any time.

Telegram Data

Adding eye patient data

Ophthalmology clinic management program Managing reservations , examination and reexamination appointments, and external visits to USA Email List patients Booking an eye examination for an eye patient Ophthalmology clinic management program You can enter the patient’s data and create a treatment prescription with the patient’s name, the name of the treating physician, the type of examination, and print the clinic’s logo with ease through the quick or regular examination screen.

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