How to Do Group Coaching Programs

Coaching is one of the most sought-after skills nowadays. Due to the economic uncertainties, market volatilities, and layoffs, it looks like everyone should seek a coach to guide their life, business, and career. If you’re having difficulties handling a handful of coaching clients, understanding how to do group coaching should be at the top of your list. If you’re a coach in any niche. You simply want to… increase your impact and reach a broader audience make use of your time efficiently ask people to pay less without compromising what you can earn grow your business to the next level support a collaborative environment among your clients Sadly, you can’t attain this by offering one-on-one coaching alone. You need to create another pipeline or strategy to achieve these aspirations. And what I highly recommend is group coaching. It isn’t new at all. Many coaches in different niches have tried. It scaled up their business and it balanced their work-life. So how can you start? First, let’s define what’s group coaching.

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is simply coaching 2 or more persons at the same time with a common goal. You allow your clients to go through sessions, con Telegraph Number Data tent, activities, and exercises led by you. In other words, you are giving them the advantage to learn from each other’s experiences, aspirations, goals, and life stories other than themselves. Although group coaching is on a case-to-case basis (eg. one on one coaching is still better for clients who want your undivided attention and aren’t comfortable sharing with others). But if your clients are happy to learn not just from you, then I recommend group coaching.

What are the different Group Coaching
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The world evolves so fast and is coaching too! Today, we have different types of group coaching models that are popp BJB Directory ing up to structure a group coaching program. Let’s break it down for you so you can reflect on which one will work out to run a successful group coaching. The Course-Based Program Model This model is entirely based on the course you’ve created. If you’ve created a hybrid cohort-based course where 70% of the time is entirely self-paced and 30% is live. Then you can conduct a group coaching session within these 30% live sessions. In order to create a better learning experience for students, Bootcamps, online courses. Training integrate coaching sessions and most of the time these are group coaching where everyone learns from group members and not solely from their coach.

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