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Graphics and multimedia The screen time feature is very useful for reducing your screen time. Because the results are often shockingly high. Motivating you to initiate a change with time spent on your phone. The screen time feature is helpful for helping you set, reach a goal of spending less time on your phone. For example, let’s say your daily average screen. Time is 4 hours and you decide you want to cut this time in half. The screen time feature will help you stay on track of reaching your goal. Set aside your phone one day a week A great trick to spend less time on your phone is simple. Pick one day a week where you do not go on your phone. For example, let’s say you pick Sunday.

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Make a mental note, write it down on your South Korea Phone Number List calendar. Or set a reminder in your phone that Sunday is the day you won’t be on your device. It may sound contradictory setting a reminder on your phone to not use your phone but this tip can actually be very helpful. Your initial reaction Sunday morning might be to scroll on your phone but on your lock screen, a reminder will come up to say “stay off phone”. A day a week offline is a useful stepping stone to getting you used to removing yourself from being glued to your smartphone. – Keep your phone away from your bed As we discussed earlier, being on your phone at night can impair your ability to have a good night’s rest.

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A very useful tip that can reduce sleep BJB Directory deficits is not having your phone in or near your bed. Your bed is meant for relaxation and rest and when you bring your phone and the “outside world” into your special place of rest it can be much more disruptive than you would think. A great step to reduce time on your phone is breaking the relationship you have of having your phone in bed. – Utilize features in settings that reduce phone time Androids and iPhones have many setting features that can help limit your phone time.

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