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Email marketing these features include turning off notifications, setting a text auto-responder, turning on  turning on, and creating a long passcode. Notifications Off In settings, you can control which apps you would like to receive or disable notifications from. Disabling notifications will remove the small red notification symbol that appears on the app icon. Turning off notifications for most if not all of your apps will make you less inclined to click and check your apps because it will remove incoming alerts and the red notification symbol. Text Auto-Responder Text auto-responder is a great feature that automatically sends anyone. A reply-text saying that when you are able to, you will get back to them.

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A common stress of being off your phone is leaving many Spain Phone Numbers List people who are trying to get in contact with you. The text auto-responder can help remove this stress because it informs anyone who’s trying to reach you that you are not on your phone for the time being but will get back to them shortly. “Do Not Disturb” The “Do Not Disturb” feature allows you to control which notifications you would like to have muted on your phone. You are able to mute incoming phone calls from unknown callers or from your contacts as well. It also allows you to mute incoming notifications from social media apps (like Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Instagram) so that you do not see the alerts on your lock screen. “Do Not Disturb” also allows you to block text message notifications from appearing on your lock screen.

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Removing incoming notifications is great BJB Directory because it limits the temptation to check your phone because it does not show who is contacting you. Grayscale Enabling the Grayscale feature is a great way to trick your brain into wanting to check your phone less. Grayscale changes your phone screen to only white, gray and black. By removing all colors from your phone, it becomes less attractive to look at. Your brain is drawn to color and attractive things to look at, thus by removing color from your screen will help decrease phone usage. 

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