Excessive and unjustified interference with the code

Thanks to this setting the Tag will know

Where to download data from and which element of the code is important for it. S ource: Own, date: November 6, 2017 . The last element is setting the Rule on which the tag will “fire”. Tests, always tests Now go to the trial order and check if the Tag fires properly and if the data is collected in the dataLayer. And if it can be seen in GA, we can’t celebrate whatsapp mobile number list without it (the transaction should appear from 15 minutes to a maximum of 3 days in Google Analytics – when this happens, you can open the champagne). To see if the Tag is working, click the preview in GTM and go to the page where we introduced the implementation. We are doing a purchase test.

The first thing we should see

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Which goes to the field launched on the final page of the order. Not before, not later. This will mean that the Tag itself is working fine, i. it fires in the right place. S ource: Own, date: November 6, 2017 . If we can see that individual elements of the BJB Directory code contain information about the transaction. Doesn’t work Sometimes it happens that despite our best intentions, nothing appears in GA. What could be the reason? DataLayer is in the wrong place – check it in the page code or through Google Tag Assistant.

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