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Different platforms offer different features

Different platforms offer different features You might find yourself motivated to complete. An assignment by the promise of being able to hangout with your friends afterward. The reward of getting a good grade. Maybe you get excited by sharing your achievements with your family and friends. Perhaps you reward yourself by going to a party after completing a difficult assignment. At the end of the day. We are all humans, and we will always have different types of motivators for different types of situations. Throughout different periods of our lives. When you are working on something, whether a project, specific task, or new concept/idea, try to think. If you are trying to gain an incentive (reward) when you finish or if you’re trying to avoid a negative outcome.

 Choosing a platform that offers options

Understanding the forces Cayman Islands Mobile Number List behind the way you work and deliver said work will help you understand the best way to motivate yourself, produce quality work, and reach your goals. Let’s be honest. As you’re reading this, what else is happening in the background? Is Netflix or Hulu on? Is there a podcast playing? Are you thinking about exiting this page to open any of the many social media apps? Are you thinking of what to order online? The world – the digital world at least – is quite literally in the palm of our hands and fingertips. With everything in this world comes the feeling of instant gratification.

That meet the needs of your business

But at the cost of our time. Your social BJB Directory media notification, the email ping, the next TikTok video – all of a sudden you’ve lost hours of your day. You could have spent hours catching up with family, and friends, reading a book from your to-read list or completing literally anything else. To be completely fair, it’s not our fault that we find ourselves distracted and engaged with our devices – television, cellphones, tablets, computers, etc. We constantly have something telling us “hey, look at me!” “Hello! Check me out!” “you have an unread notification!”. It casts a sense of urgency on us to constantly be checked in. That’s what we call the attention economy.

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