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Another modern tool and ancient teaching strategy is peer review (or peer learning). Study shows that peer review can increase the collaborative learning experience among your clients. The peer review feature is perfect for your group coaching programs. It’s where your coaching clients can review the submitted homework of their peers. All you need is to set it up and voila—it can run by itself! Now that you are aware of what to look for in an online coaching platform, let’s get you to the main thing. There are many online coaching platforms on the market, and we’ve handpicked the best for you.

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Teachfloor is a learning platform designed to build and scale cohort-based courses. Ap Telegraph Number Data art from this, Teachfloor is also popular with online coaches. It provides the best & useful features like white-labeling solutions, built-in communities, automation tools, a course builder, and peer review. These are highly designed features to start and run your coaching business. Top Features Peer review and instructors review A white-labeling solution to strengthen brand awareness Built-in community space for asynchronous learning Zapier, Zoom & other app integrations Easy & automated collection of payments Customer priority support & live demo Helpful resources on eLearning Affordable Pro plan that helps to grow your online services.

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David Henzel, founder of Upcoach created the platform due to the low volume of completion rates of his online courses. There was only 7% of students completed his course, and he wonder what was missing. So he started to increase engagement by tracking habits and creating weekly to-do and accountability groups. After doing so, his completion rates went up to 94%! After seeing this result, he created Upcoach to help other coaches and course creators like him who need to manage their coaching companies. Top Features: Habit tracking accou BJB Directory ntability Smart Docs – where coaches can see the completion rate of students in every doc Lesson modules or course platform Client’s CRM to easily track every client’s data Live chat, discussion board, and scheduler Easy-to-navigate platform

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