Best platforms for selling digital downloads

As eCommerce has gained more popularity, there has been an abundance of platforms for selling digital downloads. While this is great news, some people find it harder with the expanding choice to choose the right platform for them. Here is a list of top platforms for selling digital downloads.

What is a digital download?

efore we dive into our list, let’s understand what the term “digital download” means. The word at once seems familiar yet some Telegraph Number Data thing new. If you dig through the phrasing, you’ll realize that it is something we all are well acquainted with. Digital downloads are any product in a digital format that one can sell online. These are electronic forms of acquiring documents, files (audio/video), softwares, etc. These can be in various digital formats such as videos, courses, podcasts, eBooks, pdfs, apps, photographs, video games, etc. Since the world has gone digital for quite some time now, digital products are very much a necessity. In comparison with physical products, these can be sold and purchased from anywhere as they do not require physical storage. Instead, they are stored online for a minimal price, saving the seller any storage and logistical costs. With simply a click, one can make loads of sales.

Top platforms for selling digital downloads

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These platforms vary in different degrees. Some specialize in a part BJB Directory icular digital product such as LMSs. They can also vary in terms of their formats. For instance, some operate as plugins, apps, or websites. Despite their unique features, they all serve the same purpose – selling digital downloads. Here’s a list of the top most preferred platforms according to users. 1. SamCart platforms for selling digital downloads SamCart is a user-friendly drag-and-drop platform for hosting and selling your digital products. It is best for Ebooks, videos, and courses. The platform offers over 750 integrations. Moreover, it comes with an email automation feature to keep your subscribers posted about all the hot discounts. You can sell unlimited products for unlimited memberships. It also allows users to sell in any currency or language – users truly get a global outreach. Furthermore, keep track of your sales with a sales dashboard. Offers a 14-day free trial with no transaction fees.

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