Best Free Online Whiteboard Tools for Online

One of the biggest hurdles in online teaching is making it as interactive as possible. Maybe you’ve tried different strategies. Then you realized, the best ones are always with the help of online tools. Explore these best online whiteboard tools that can make your online class engaging, fun, and interactive without spending any cents. Choosing the right tools is actually one of the most time-consuming tasks ever. Thanks to several blog posts that listed the top & the best tools that save you hours of going into the rabbit hole and doing reviews for yourself.

best online whiteboard tools based on your needs

Miro is the most sophisticated and best online whiteboard tool for group activities not just in the class Telegraph Number Data room but also in the workplace. It’s fully packed with useful features for study sessions, project presentations, live discussions, asynchronous activities, etc. It’s easy to use and you can upload text, images, videos, and pdfs to your infinite board! Integrate your best online whiteboard tool with Teachfloor Integrate Miro in your Teachfloor platform Miro can be integrated with different web apps, platforms, and online tools. If you’re conducting workshops, courses, coaching, and training—feel free to use Teachfloor and integrate Miro into your learning platform for the best online teaching experience ever!

BootCamp employability statistics

One of the salient features of bootcamps is their assurance of graduate empl BJB Directory oyability. This has been the primary marketing determinant. And rightly so. According to Course Report, the average salary of a coding Bootcamp graduate is $69,000. Similarly,’s 2021 state of software engineers report noted that 72% of Bootcamp graduates confirmed that they were able to get jobs after graduation. Proving that bootcamps indeed increase the likelihood of graduate employability. To help you further understand which companies are constantly recruiting based on bootcamps, here is a little insight. The top 10 companies are Amazon (with 120.9% hiring increase since 2019), Google (18.5%), Facebook (70.8%), Microsoft (14.2%), Freelance (13.5%), and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (20.0%).

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