Best Discoco Alternatives Reviewed

Looking for a cohort-based learning platform and is at the top of your list? Before making your final decision, explore first the best alternatives and see what fits your needs.Disco’s platform is well-rounded from course creation & distribution to academy scaling. In short, everything you need to build your live learning environment is in the platform.

What are email sequences?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, email sequences are basically an automated series of emails. They are targeted socially towards your poten Telegraph Number Data tial buyers and subscribers so that they are informed about your upcoming ventures and convert into loyal customers. Perhaps, this term is new to you but the phenomenon is fairly familiar as we all have received such emails at some point. One can use specialized software that automates these emails according to the subscribers’ time zones. A popular name is Mailchimp. But besides these, often certain LMS tools offer an inbuilt email automation tool. These emails are different from regular one-time broadcast emails. They run on an automated loop according to set criteria meeting an agenda. One email sequence can be anywhere between 1 or more than twenty even. The number is not specific and is dependent on the goal you are trying to achieve. For instance, if it is a Welcome email sequence, then no more than 2-3 are sufficient. They will welcome the subscribers, inform them about your courses and provide essential introductory basics.

Benefits of email

There are three main types of email sequences as course crea BJB Directory tors you should learn by heart. First is the Pre-sale sequence. This is the one that you send once your visitors have signed up using the lead magnet. Their aim is to build a connection with these visitors and turn them into loyal subscribers. The second is the Course launch sequence. This help in building hype around your courses. The purpose is to promote your courses and give exciting offers to your subscribers so they may enroll in your courses. And lastly, it is the Post sale sequence. This helps in maximizing user engagement with the content. Such emails include tips on course materials and other free resources. Furthermore, their job is to collect testimonials.

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