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An effective advertising slogan should indicate However, when you are listening to a podcast while completing other tasks – whether assignments, work tasks, house chores, gardening, or errands – you are already accomplishing two things at once, thus improving your productivity. When you think of the different methods people use to concentrate, listening to a podcast doesn’t seem so farfetched. For instance, Accountemps conducted a survey in 2018 to assess music in the workplace. 85% of survey respondents said they listen to music while working, and 39% of the total respondents said music helps them be more productive. And yes, while music doesn’t have much to do with podcasts, it’s not implausible to consider that listening to podcasts can have the same effect.

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Do we recommend true crime podcasts that leave Czech Republic Mobile Number List you hanging on every word? No! We recommend podcasts you can leave on in the background that will deter you from getting distracted by blocking out outside noises, as well as those that offer helpful tips and strategies to be your most productive and focused self. Subscribe banner Stay connected with BlockSite Get productivity tips and company updates. [email protected] Subscribe Tiny Desk Concerts Okay, this one is actually a music-based podcast and it’s probably one of the most popular podcasts to listen to while you work. Tiny Desk features singers covering their music live in acoustic, or calmed down versions of their songs.

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The artists speak softly about their work, why they BJB Directory chose to perform them, and then immediately start performing. If you think of one of your favorite performers it’s likely they’ve made an appearance on this podcast. Here’s one of the most listened to Tiny Desk episodes with artist Anderson Paak The White Noise Podcast Just as the title suggests, The White Noise Podcast is exactly that, white noise. It’s the perfect option to block out distractions like a noisy library or chatty colleagues. Each episode offers a different type of white noise at different levels of intensity. You might be surprised by their library of sounds that range from nature sounds to loud cities, but anyone might just do the trick. The Affirmation Pod Affirmations offer a way to drive encouragement, motivation, and positivity.

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