A basic but very important metric

 A basic but very important metric For example, let’s say your screen. Time says you are most active on your phone during. The evening and you also have noticed you have had trouble falling asleep. The schedule feature is perfect for you. All you need to do is block your most used apps for each day in the evening. And you will no longer be able to access distracting apps so you will not scroll. On your phone all night. Staying focused is easy with BlockSite’s schedule feature Block by Category Category blocking allows. You to block all sites and apps that fall under the same “category”. For example, if you find yourself scrolling on shopping sites. Apps like AliExpress, Target, and Amazon and not only is this increasing time spent on your phone. But it’s feeding into your shopping addiction, here is how category blocking with BlockSite can help you.

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You create a new category folder Switzerland Phone Numbers List called “Shopping”. And add all the shopping sites and apps you browse frequently. When you enable your “Shopping” category, BlockSite will automatically not let you access any of these apps. Block distracting sites & apps with BlockSite Site Redirect Site redirect is a great BlockSite feature that redirects you to a different page when you attempt to access a site or app that you have blocked. A useful tip is to redirect your page to a reminder as to why you have the app blocked in the first place. For example, have your redirect page set to a blog about resisting digital distraction. – Use other devices instead of your phone Using other devices instead of your phone might sound counterintuitive at first, but it’s not what you think.

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We don’t mean other devices such BJB Directory as an iPad, Laptop, or Television, we mean devices that help with productivity and time management but don’t pull you away from reality. An alarm clock is a perfect example of another device to use instead of your phone. Having an alarm clock to wake you up is a great alternative to your phone because the first thing you do in the morning will no longer be touching your phone to turn off your alarm.

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