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Time spent on the site An alarm clock also will help you with tip #3 we mentioned earlier. “keep your phone out of your bed”. Another alternative device would be to have a smart speaker like an Alexa. Smart speakers will answer simple questions for you and all you have to do is speak to it. Instead of checking your phone then potentially getting sucked into the online world, you no longer have to check your phone in the first place. An alternative device is great at reducing time spent on your phone because it takes away the first point of contact with your device that sucks you into being on your in the first place. – Fill up your schedule A way to decrease phone usage is by creating a plan of what you want to achieve and do in your spare time.

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The busier you are, the less time you have to Switzerland Phone Numbers List distract yourself with screen time. Create a schedule where you do exercise, see friends, read a book, do school or career-related work, go on a walk, make a meal, and the list goes on and on. Fill up your time with productive and useful activities and you will naturally find yourself spending less time on your phone. Stop wasting so much time on your phone Today! Excessive phone usage has many consequences on your quality of life; the cons of its effect on your mental and physical health outweigh the pros of the comfort of texting people, watching videos, browsing social media feeds, or playing online games.

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Utilize the tips of reducing time on your phone BJB Directory such as using the setting features, not having your phone in your bed, creating a detailed schedule that will keep you busy, or downloading BlockSite to stop the temptations. Take control of your life by taking control of your screen time and be on your phone less. FAQs What are the consequences of being on my phone too much? Being on your phone too much can lead to mental and physical health problems like sleep deficits, anxiety & depression, wrist pain, weight gain, and eye damage.

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