White hat and black hat SEO

White hat SEO (White hat SEO) The strategies mentioned above are considered white hat and add SEO value to the website, providing a good website design experience that can increase rankings, traffic and sales from Google and search engines. another sword.

Black hat SEO (Black hat SEO)

Black hat SEO uses techniques that have been used in the past to achieve high rankings quickly. However, search engines have updated their algorithms to detect such techniques and are continuously using machine learning to uncover spammy techniques that black hat SEO adds to manipulate ranking positions. ranking on the search results page. Exchange  WhatsApp number vbacklinks Buy backlinks Hidden content and backlinks Keyword spam Keyword stuffing Navigation forces the user Hide content. Use mirror sites Hide backlinks on the website

SEO standard website design

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When most people think about SEO, they are concerned with adding new, engaging content. This is encouraged by search engines and always rewards that website with ranking positions. However, search engines aren’t just scanning content – ​​they’re also evaluating your website design. Increasingly smarter, search engines take signals from users’ own experiences to evaluate that website. The effects of website layout, dispersal of books, and many other elements of design have brought many benefits to website owners. From BJB Directory getting a good look from search engines, to gaining high trust from users. After more than 10 years of building blogs and designing websites for customers, we have experiences we want to share with you below.

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