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 When we target long-tail precise words, the cost of a click may be 2 US dollars to place an When promoting   order, but its conversion rate is 10%, so we can get an order by spending 20 US dollars. This is also We use a low-cost traffic conversion technique in disguise. It can be seen that big words with large traffic When promoting   have low CPC, but conversion is very poor.

Because people searching for

Precise long-tail words have high CPC but high conversion. 2: Related traffic beggar strategy Everyone knows that when it comes to keyword traffic and product traffic, the traffic of the product page is far greater than the keyword traffic. keywords will see more than one product, and there are many more ad placements on product pages than Phone Number List  keyword placements: Therefore, the traffic of the product page is huge, and the cost is also low, so we can use the beggar method to attract traffic at a low cost.

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 For example, if Amazon’s recommended bid is $1, then we will actually bid $0.1. Moreover, a large amount of asin is released in batches. You can always come across missing asin. If you don’t get exposure, you won’t suffer because you won’t BJB Directory  spend any money. If there is exposure, it won’t cost much, but as long as we place an order, we will make money.

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