What benefits does a pillar page bring you

A pillar page is a key piece for organizing the information on your website. This way you will be able to attract more prospects. Appear in the first Google search results and provide useful content to your readers in a simple way. All this has excellent advantages for your company:9 Benefits of a Pillar Page Infographic. Allow your articles and content to rank for very competitive words with high search volume. Attract qualified prospects organically, as the pillar pages answer concerns about their main challenges and topics of interest. Help your potential customers find results quickly and in the easiest way possible, since Google crawls pillar pages better.

What elements should a pillar page have?

The main keyword should be used to cover broader content. Vast and detailed content: the content of a pillar page is extensive. With the idea of offering the reader the greatest amount of information on a particular topic. Organization into Phone Number List subtopics: since the content is long. It is divided into subtopics so that readers can easily find something specific that interests them. Internal links: they allow users to consume your content. Without having to search for information elsewhere. Optimization of main keywords on your website: they are ideal for positioning in search engines, attracting organic traffic and referring it to your website.

How to make a pillar page?
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To create your own pillar page you need to choose a topic aligned with your company. determine the keywords that best define your business, identify related subtopics. Write relevant content and link it to the central topic of the pillar page. Choose your pillar page BJB Directory theme To choose the topic that your page will address. You need to define the terms by which you want to stand out as a company. In other words . It makes no sense to make a pillar page about the best car tires if what you sell are pressure washers and spare parts for said equipment. The theme should always address a goal, problem, or idea.  That is interesting to your users. But it should also be aligned with what you offer in your company.

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