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This tool is particularly useful when selling real estate

This tool is particularly useful when selling real estate. There is no such thing as a dumb question” – yet no matter how much that expression can be repeated. Students often still feel intimated to ask questions within the classroom. Maybe they themselves are worried about coming off as “dumb” in front of their peers or being ridiculed for asking a question they feel everyone else already knows the answers to. Maybe they feel their question isn’t worthwhile. Fear is a big driver when it comes to students speaking up in a classroom. As a teacher and educator, you can tackle this fear in a few ways – one way is by showing your own curiosity and asking questions in your classroom.

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If there’s something you don’t know the answer to, admit that to them, and show them in real-time the ways in which you use Benin Mobile Number List critical thinking yourself to find answers. Ask them to share their own opinion, to think about what they think the answer might be, to create a discussion between classmates on the solution, etc. Encouraging curiosity will make a huge impact on the level of engagement within your classroom and how comfortable a student feels when it’s time to ask questions and raise discussions. Leveraging BlockSite Sometimes students, like the rest of us, need an extra push to increase their productivity and reach their academic goals. Staying productive and focused can feel like even more of a challenge with today’s constant distractions that provide instant gratification.

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From texts to social media, to messaging platforms, apps, and more, it is something we all must now navigate through life. Consider BJB Directory using BlockSite’s Chrome Extension or Mobile App when providing a solution to students that want to lock in their focus time. Our site and app list blocking feature remove the distractions of pop-up notifications and the ability to go to or check blocked sites and apps for a time period that you determine ahead of time. Whether it’s just 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. Let’s say you want to have a distraction-free silent study once a week.

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