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This is an ideal solution for companies You can use BlockSite to schedule those exact hours as hours you want your biggest distractions blocked. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Twitch, or Reddit – you can build your list to include whatever you need. Check out our Chrome extension for free and see how blocking your distractions improves your focus and thus, your productivity. Organize and review your notes After you finish class, try not to pack your things and immediately forget about all of the notes you just wrote. Try to set time aside each day, or week, to review your notes so you can have some one-on-one time with the information you learned.

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You’ll be able to fill in any gaps you Bulgaria Mobile Number List might have missed, or fix the parts that don’t make sense. Highlight what you found interesting, or something your teacher/professor emphasized. Interacting with your notes will help you remember what you learned and will set you up for success later in the semester. In addition, when you review your notes, you’ll be able to keep track of anything else mentioned in class like upcoming assignments, exams, important deadlines, etc. Incentives. What are incentives? By definition, an incentive is anything that persuades someone to change their behavior to reach the desired outcome. But how can incentives work to our benefit and become the source of our motivations.

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How do we learn what motivates us to BJB Directory meet and accomplish our goals at work, school, or personal lives? We’re diving into all of that and more. If you’re looking for an additional sidekick to help you accomplish your goals and increase your focus, check out our Chrome Extension. We do the heavy lifting for you by blocking out your distractions so you can concentrate on what matters. Subscribe banner Stay connected with BlockSite Get productivity tips and company updates.  Subscribe So what is the incentive motivation? The incentive motivation theory suggests that we become more motivated when we believe that whatever it is we’re doing will result in a reward and will actively avoid actions that lead to punishment.

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