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The recipient of the mailing reads it

The recipient of the mailing reads it That’s why you need to keep an eye on all the metrics. Look for connections between them, and optimize whatever you can. For exampleExample  You send a mailing to 1000 people. Its theme is: “Free lunch for everyone!” The message is opened by 400 people. Which means you achieve an excellent open rate of 40%. However, after going to the website, it turns out that to receive a free lunch. You must place an order in your store for at least PLN 500. People are disappointed. Only 2 people make the intended purchase. So the sales conversion rate is just 0.2%. The ratio of transactions to the number of mailing openings is only 0.5%. Poorly.

These devices also often display messages

Remember that the subject of the mailing should not Chile Email List promise too much, or you should actually deliver what you promise at the very beginning, but lower the entry threshold (for example, offer a free lunch for purchases worth PLN 100). Example You send a mailing to 1,000 people. Its subject is: “Introducing our newest product.” The message is opened by 50 people, so you achieve a poor open rate of 5%. However, of the 50 people who visit the website, as many as 20 make transactions. The conversion rate may not be astronomical (it is 2%), but the ratio of transactions to the number of mailing opens is as much.

Average open rates given for individual

You presented a great offer on your BJB Directory website (on the landing page to which you were directed via mailing), which interested a really large group of your customers. But just think how many transactions would have occurred if you had made the subject of the message more interesting, bringing the open rate to at least 15-20%! To optimize your email marketing conversion rate, you need to keep an eye on all your metrics and make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure each component is as good as it can be. What exactly should be measured and how? Below is a short cheat sheet: assess the quality of the message topics and the sender field (what you enter in it) based on the open rate.

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