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The operation of anti-spam filters is also Of course, most of these solutions have their own plugins, including: to WordPress, thanks to which you can use them without even leaving your blog’s CMS. However, we suggest leaving the purchase of additional content management tools for later. If you don’t plan to publish more than a dozen or so publications a month, the standard functionality of the blogging platform will probably be enough for you. Graphics and multimedia We mentioned earlier how important it is to enrich your articles with images or videos. Fortunately, there are now a lot of tools that significantly speed up the preparation of such materials – not only for blogs, but also for social media and many other channels.

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Canva and Adobe Express are just two of many worth Paraguay Mobile Number List checking out. Most of them contain rich libraries of various templates that will allow you to create eye-catching graphics in the blink of an eye. E-mail marketing Email marketing is an effective way to maintain constant contact with your readers. Thanks to it, you can inform about new blog entries, share exclusive content or conduct promotional campaigns directly to your recipient’s inbox. Therefore, immediately add a subscription form through which visitors will be able to subscribe to the newsletter. However, remember to follow the rules of ethics in email communication, do not overwhelm recipients with messages (on the other hand, remember to be regular) and provide valuable content.

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Blog marketing – how to measure results? Okay, the blog is now BJB Directory launched, tools selected and the first content published. Now how can we check whether our actions bring the expected results? Blog marketing – like all other areas of marketing activity – requires data analysis and measurement of effects. All you need is a basic tool like Google Analytics. Pay particular attention to the following indicators: Website traffic. A basic but very important metric. The more people visit your blog, the more marketing opportunities you have. Tools like Google Analytics will allow you to monitor these statistics in detail. Website traffic is closely related to the industry and popularity of selected keywords. 

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