The content structure must be reader and search engine friendly

thing we want to talk about is long blocks of text. A long text will look terrible and ineffective especially since users tend to skim the content instead of reading it carefully like before.General guidelines for creating structured content that is search engine and user friendly are: Use short paragraphs (1-4 sentences is a good range to aim for)Bullet point lists are much easier and easier to read than traditional essay articles Use bold or italics to emphasize pointsUse subheadings to guide your readers through the article. Readers should be able to skim the subheadings to get an idea of ​​your main points To the point; Does not include a lot of content and useless contentKeep your key points front and center (for example, make each key point grouped or bold)

Steps to perform Content Audit for success

Before discussing content audit, I should briefly discuss the prerequisite of content audit Phone Number Data which is content inventory. Content inventory is the result and process of creating a comprehensive list of all the content within a website. All assets on the site, regardless of their use  must be taken into account and also where they may be located. Your content inventory should also include an inventory of all internal links, external links, and whether the links are good or bad.A content inventory of all your website content will help you decide what type of analytics you need for your website content audit. If you don’t know what type of content is on your website, it’s impossible to know what to measure. For example, if a website contains embedded videos, some great analytics data can be retrieved from third-party video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

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Content inventory is also useful when a website is redesigned or moved to another domain. If a site is going to be BJB Directory moved, a content inventory can be very handy when things don’t go as planned. It will give you a basis to compare the live site and the new development site. Without this, it will be impossible to know if you have completed a move successfully. Content inventory can help organize a website so that a similar navigation system can be implemented.

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