Industries where micro-business practitioners will

The maturity of the Internet and its social ecology has provide high-quality growth soil for the development of micro-business. According to CNNIC data. combine with the impact of the epidemic. China’s Internet penetration rate has exceee 70 in December 2020. and the Internet will be deeply linke to more and more residents. At the same time. Internet platforms with social ecology represente by instant messaging. short videos. live broadcasts. communities. forums. etc. 


Are playing an increasingly important

Role in netizens’ online activities. As of December 2020. there have been 99  of mobile Internet users are Decision Maker Email List using social ecological platforms. and all users spend more than 40 of their time on social ecological platforms. 4 industries where micro-business practitioners will mainly concentrate in 2021 In this context. in addition to stores. comprehensive e-commerce and other channels. micro-business base on social ecological platform channels will gradually grow into mainstream sales channels with strong traffic support . The relatively concentrate micro-business practitioners are mainly in the following four industries. 1. Travel Under the influence of the epidemic. 


The tourism industry is facing greater

Operational and marketing challenges. which has also indirectly pushe more industry practitioners to BJB Directory engage in micro-business practices. According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. the number of domestic tourists in 2020 was 2.88 billion. and the total domestic tourism expenditure was 2.2 trillion yuan. a significant decrease compare with previous years. In the face of the operating pressure and uncertainty cause by the epidemic. the tourism industry has also Constantly adjusting and innovating. From an enterprise perspective. the tourism industry is trying more social channels for sales and marketing. and reaching consumers through more flexible micro-business models ; from an employee perspective. 


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