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Properly selected natural or silicone hair serum improves its appearance, making it shiny and smooth. It also provides protection against mechanical damage and prevents hair from breaking and splitting. Products of this type are especially eagerly use by people complaining about frizzy. Dry hair, but they are essential in the care of all hair types. Are you looking for a light silicone serum that will not weigh your hair down. Will provide the ends with adequate protection? Check out our Zielona Fig silicone serum for protecting ends.

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Hair serum – how to use it? Hair serum should be use according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. By doing this, you can be sure that the product will work as it should. Most often, using the serum involves spreading the product on your hands and then applying the cosmetic to the lengths of your hair, avoiding the USA Phone Number List roots or  areas particularly exposed to harmful external factors (especially the ends). Why is it recommend to use hair serum in this way? Spreading the product on your hands before applying it to your hair helps make the substance less thick. The warmth of the hand warms the cosmetic, making it easier to apply it to the ends of the hair or other sections of the strands. The hair serum can be applied to both dry and wet hair.

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If you prefer to apply them wet, you must remember to drain the water from the strands first, for example with a cotton turban or a soft towel. How often should you use hair serum? The hair serum can be used every day. This way, you make sure that your hair can count on adequate protection every day. For some hair types, daily application BJB Directory of the product may weigh it down – low porosity hair is most susceptible to this effect. In the case of medium and low hair porosity, you can reduce the frequency of use or choose a lighter product (for example the “Zielona Figa” serum from Anwen). For high porosity hair, you can often apply hair serum without any problems even more than once a day.

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